"3 Friends: Home & Away"
paintings by Ted Gentry, Jack Hobbs and Bill Scott

on April 9, 2010

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Ted Gentry, a civil engineer by education , has said that art has always been a part of his life. Ted took up oil painting more seriously in 1994 and honed his skills through many classes and workshops. Charles Sovek, with whom he has participated in a dozen workshops throughout New England , has had a particularly strong influence on his work. Ted's work is typically full of color and light.  He enjoys painting a still life with a bit of whimsy and painting landscapes in the en plein-air style.  Ted's preferred medium is oil paint but has also worked in pen and ink, pastel and watercolor on occasion.  Ted has enjoyed completing commissioned pieces for collectors who desired to create a piece that helped maintain a connection to their memory of a special place and/or event. Ted has said that he can get lost for hours while trying to capture in two dimensions some of the fabulous three-dimensional vistas and scenes that we all carry fondly in our memories of our favorite places in Massachusetts and while traveling in Europe and the Caribbean.
Jack C. Hobbs FAIA, owner of the South Street Gallery
, enjoys living in two very different worlds. His "day job" is President and CEO of RF Walsh Collaborative Partners. The other side of his world is his dedication to painting - the plein-air style in particular. A little over seven years ago, he opened the South Street Gallery, determined to bring fine art and outdoor painters to the South Shore . He has many friends in the artist community and often goes off for weekends to paint with them. In this way, he continually searches for talent to bring to the South Shore and to his gallery. Jack is on a mission to make art more visible on the South Shore , and he balances his passion with his duties.
Bill Scott, a long time Hingham resident , discovered his interest in sketching and painting about 13 years ago.  Then, upon his retirement from a major Boston financial institution in 2004, his interest and involvement expanded and included painting with friends and lessons from Charles Sovek and Frank Strazulla, Jr. While doing some early work in pen & ink, watercolor and pencil, most of his more recent work is in oil pastel, and reflects his love of the out-of-doors, the detail of still-life and the contrasts of light and shadow.

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Ted Gentry
"Madaket Bridge"
oil, 16"x12"


Jack Hobbs
"Montana Cow Convention"
oil, 12"x16"