"Four Seasons en plein air"
Alexander Korman's show

on March 11, 2011

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Alexander Korman, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, is able to bring the finest nuances of surrounding nature and human features alive on canvas.
Korman's love for Impressionism combined with his rigorous training in Realism created a unique fusion resulting in a romantic affair with en-plein air painting. He earned a Master's Degree in Fine Arts at the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Design. While developing his own unique style, he follows in the footsteps of the great Russian tradition of artist such as: Levitan, Korovin and Serov.
Over the past decade, Alexander has lived in Boston and painted throughout New England . He is passionate about the beauty of this area and particularly with the seascapes of the ocean. Alexander hopes his works inspire viewers to rejoice in the present.
He is a member of Boston Center for the Arts and exhibits his work in numerous shows throughout New England . His work is exhibited in museums, galleries and private collections in Russia , Poland , Spain , Israel , Canada and the United States.


"Boston Public Garden"
oil, 22"x28"


"Autumn Walk"
oil, 30"x30"


"Winter Brook, Needham"
oil, 22"x28", not for sale


"Old Watermill, Newton"
oil, 18"x24"


oil, 36"x30", not for sale


"Old Farm House, Vermont"
oil, 24"x32"


"Japanese Garden"
oil, 24"x30"


"Echo Lake, New Hampshire"
oil, 24"x36"


oil, 16"x20"


"Kitchen Garden"
oil, 30"x24"


"Sunny Forest"
oil, 12"x9.5"


"St. Ann's Church, Kennebunport"
oil, 36"x24"


acrylic, 9"x12"


"South Shore"
acrylic, 9"x12"


"North Shore"
acrylic, 8"x10"


"Ocean Waves"
oil, 30"x36"


"The Sea"
oil, 30"x36"


"Turquoise Sea"
oil, 30"x36"


"Rural Landscape 2."
pastel, 8"x11"


"Rural Landscape 3."
pastel, 8"x11"


"Rural Landscape 4."
pastel, 8"x11"


"Longfellow Bridge"
oil, 30"x36",


"Vermont study 1."
oil, 10"x13",


"Vermont study 2."
oil, 10"x13"



"Military Band, Petershof"
oil, 8"x10"