Ann M. Murphy's show

November 2014

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"Hills of Blue"
pastel, 27"x26",


"Shining Through"
pastel, 23"x24"


"Autumn Weather"
pastel, 22"x27"


"Sky Blue Sands"
pastel, 20"x24"


"Higher Ground"
pastel, 30"x39"


"Spring Impressions"
pastel, 11"x10"


"August Surf"
pastel, 16"x27"


"October's Touch"
pastel, 8"x8",


"Breaking Through"
pastel, 8"x8"


"Dusty Road"
pastel, 7"x7"


pastel, 8"x8"


"Changing View"
watercolor, 8"x8"


"Autumn Creek"
watercolor, 5"x7"


"Summer Break"
watercolor, 5"x7"


"Soft Mist"
watercolor, 13"x17"


"Winter's Tune"
watercolor, 13"x16"


watercolor, 7"x5"


"Floating By"
watercolor, 13"x16"


watercolor, 27"x20"


oil, 20"x20"


oil, 24"x24",


"Ocean Mist"
oil, 20"x30"


"Berkshire Valley"
oil, 13"x26"


"Summer Wind"
oil, 30"x40"


"Summer's Breath"
oil, 30"x40"


"Summer Prelude"
pastel, 19"x25",


oil, 17"x28"