Chuck Sullivan

When Chuck Sullivan painted his first still life at the age of 43, he found his place in the world and began to understand the need, the calling, and the passion to paint. Seven years later he closed his travel business to pursue painting for real.
Chuck has a unique vision, a different point of view. He brings a modern sensibility to a traditional approach. The diversity of his work reflects his curiosity. He is as comfortable painting life-size religious statues as he is miniature plein-air studies of the Boston coastline or Irish landscapes.
His paintings are visceral: they feel real. He can render the mood of a moment. He sees beauty in the ordinary and the absurd. He is always evolving in his painting and his sense of design. He is a student of the craft and he understands it as a life-long pursuit and that he will never be good enough.

Chuck had a show, together with Dennis Doyle, in April 2015. See the show 'here'.

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oil, 24"x30",


"Black Creek"
oil, 6"x8"


oil, 8"x10"


oil, 19"x26"


"Neponset Sunset"
oil, 12"x12",