Collectors Art

paintings by late 19th and early 20th century artists
several Hingham artists included

on January 11, 2007

The South Street Gallery, in association with Arthur T. Garrity Jr. had a special exhibit & sale of artwork by deceased artists.
Beginning / Advanced Art Collectors / Investors were encouraged to view this artwork by many nationally recognized and historically important artists, some from Hingham.
Arthur T. Garrity Jr. is nationally recognized for his art research and appraisal work. Museums, individuals, corporations, and attorneys have utilized his services. To aid him in these endeavors he draws on his art reference library of approximately 4,000 volumes on artist and art history.
Active in the collecting field of American and European art and antiques for more than 25 years, Garrity first began collecting art while a high school student in his native Salem , MA . Today, he lectures on collecting, collection development, and investment portfolio diversification to include tangible assets. He does appraisals throughout the country, working with a network of attorneys, corporations, museums, banks and individuals, and aiding in estate liquidation, authentication, conservation, proper framing of artwork and on occasion, representing clients at auctions by buying or acting as sales agent.

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Hingham Artists:
Franklin Whiting Rogers (1854-1917)
Walter Gay (1856-1937)
Frank Vining Smith (1879-1967)
Wallace Corthell (19 th Century)

Other Artists:
Elizabeth Terry Delano (1845-1933)
Barbara Hunter Watt (19 th - 20 th Century)
Nunzio Vayana (1878-1960)
Arthur B. Wilder (1857-1949)
Frederick Ballard Williams (1871-1956)
Theophilous John Morgan (1872-1947)
Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek (1840-1912)
John William Hill (1812-1879)
Angelo Gerardo Ziroli (1899-1948)
John Loughlin (1932-2004)


Walter Gay
"School Room Interior"


Frank Vining Smith
"High Society"


Franklin Whiting Rogers
"Apple Blossoms, Hingham"


Wallace Corthell


Wallace Corthell
"Still Life with Fruit and Vase on Table"


John William Hill
"Washington's Headquarters"


Theophilous John Morgan
"Crowded Harbor"


Johannes H. B. Koekkoek
"Fishermen Off the Coast"


Elizabeth Terry Delano


19th century artist, civil war era
"Young Soldier"


Barbara Hunter Watt
"Westwood Garden",


Nunzio Vayana
"From the Sea"


Frederick Ballard Williams
"Summer Gathering"


John Loughlin


Nunzio Vayana
"Nature Observed"


19th century artist, after Titian
"The Entombment of Christ"


Arthur B. Wilder
"Child in Wicker Chair"


Arthur B. Wilder
"Summer's Night"


Nunzio Vayana
"N.H. Landscape"


Nunzio Vayana
"Path to Nature"


Nunzio Vayana
"Quiet Cove"


J.H. Garratt


J.H. Garratt
"Iris & Bees"


J.H. Garratt



Angelo Ziroli
"The Butterfly",