Diane Scott

Diane is a product of the prairies. Despite having lived in Eastern Canada and received a BFA in England , it is her Midwestern integrity that colors this artist's approach to her work. She believes in honesty and accessibility in art. Diane works from life, is true to her own contemporary esthetic sensibility whilst still learning from those great ones who came before her. The works of Sargent, Sorolla, Zorn, Gerhartz, Daily, Asaro have been known to make her weep.
She prefers a looser, slightly unfinished look to her work rather than a more slick “photorealist” one but not at the expense of accurate drawing, values, color temperature and a sensitivity to atmosphere. She likes to be able to say about a piece: “this was painted on a cold sunny day at 4 pm in October” without having to draw every blade of grass at 100 yards. That is the challenge she sets for herself: Get the information down without belaboring the point. She also strives to make the brushwork descriptive varied and interesting. Her subject matter consists of still life, landscape and figure work. Her medium is oil paint.
She has won dozens of local and regional prizes, both here and in Canada , has taught painting and has studied with some amazing painters. However Diane would prefer that people relate to her work on a personal level and judge it on its own merits rather than focusing on her accolades. She says: “Buying a painting should be about resonance, about being moved not about logic and investment spending.” For her, art is less a business than a calling. It is about developing her artistic ability with integrity and having some joy along the way. Besides selling through the South Street Gallery, her work is also available through other galleries in Maine and Provincetown MA.
When not in the field, Diane works at her studio in Chatham , New Hampshire . Diane is an active member of The North River Arts Society.

Diane had two solo exhibitions at our Gallery, one in April 2005 - click 'here' to view that show;
and in November 2010 - click 'here' so view that show.

Diane was part of our 10th anniversary show in February 2012. View images 'here'.

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"Be It Ever So Humble"
oil, 11"x14"


"Bergen Bridge"
oil, 11"x14"


oil, 12"x16"


"King of the Castle"
oil, 11"x14"


"Caterpillar Hill"
oil, 8"x16"


"Monhegn Red"
oil, 11"x14"


"An Angel Weeps"
oil, 11"x14"


"Bogdanov House Study"
oil, 6"x8"


"Monhegan Study"
oil, 6"x8"


oil, 9"x12"