Eli Cedrone

Soon after graduation from the School of Art & Design, Suffolk University in Boston, Cedrone decided to skip the harsh New England winters, choosing instead to begin her career in Bermuda at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. She took a brief sabbatical from her job to study art in Florence, Italy. After nearly five years in Bermuda, she set her sights on California. For the next ten years she lived in Laguna Beach, working as an illustrator and editorial designer. Marriage and the birth of her daughter Olivia brought her back to Boston where she continued studies at the School of the MFA and began painting full-time. She enjoy teaching workshop every year in Bermuda, California, Florida and Italy.
Cedrone works primarily in oils, and feels it's important to work from life. Contemporary Impressionism best describes her style. She often paints outdoors and develops larger works in the studio from the model, memory and a variety of references. Two major influences on her approach to painting have been the Spanish impressionist, Joaquin Soralla and John Singer Sargent. Others include, Nicolai Fechin, Anders Zorn and Richard Diebenkorn.
Cedrone is represented by galleries in Massachusetts, in Bermuda and in Santa Barbara, CA.
Cedrone says: “I've always been influenced by the power of images to express ideas and emotions. Painting is a process of discovery and decision-making where disparate elements pull together until the image is clearly expressed. I'm drawn to the human form where figures exist both in representational and painterly worlds. Often I’ll explore a narrative theme in order to capture the emotional power of a moment in time. I think that common, every day things can be beautiful and resonant without being manipulative or artificially provocative. For me, landscape painting is a journey in search of something that evokes a personal response to nature beyond the obvious. Ultimately my concerns are with the expressive qualities of light captured with paint.”

Eli had a solo exhibition at our Gallery in winter ov 2006; in spring of 2012 (images 'here'), and
in May 2016 (images 'here').

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"Morning Haze"
oil, 8"x10"


"Sail Club, Hingham"
oil, 12"x16"


"That Time of Day"
oil, 12"x16"



"Early Thaw"
oil, 12"x16"