Frank M. Costantino's show
"Perspective & Plein Air"
Illustrations of Architecture and Watercolors of Places

on November 14, 2008

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The opening event took place on November 14. On Saturday, November 22, Frank offered a lecture at our Gallery called Viewpoints for Design - Image Making for Architecture. He described his client's directives and changing input for creating selected views of proposed buildings. Using his exhibited works, he explained the determinant factors influencing the development of his illustrations. He also presented an in-depth power point review of his process, from initial sketch to finish work, demonstrating numerous visual judgments and decisions entailed in his image-making profession. The two-part presentation, including interim dialogue & questions with guests, entailed about one and half hours.


Skirball Cultural Center, L.A.
Final Rendition
12.25x12.5 watercolor


Skirball Cultural Center, L.A.
2nd Stage Study
8x8 watercolor on print


Skirball Cultural Center, L.A.
1st Stage Study
8.5x9 pen, ink, color pencil


Yale Univ. Center at More House
Final Rendition
7.5x15.5 watercolor


Yale Univ. Center at More House
3.5x6.5 watercolor


George W. Bush Presidential Library
1st Stage Study
5x6 watercolor


Bass Berry & Sims Tower, Tenn.
Final Rendition
9.5x13.5 watercolor


Bass Berry & Sims Tower, Tenn.
4.25x6.25 watercolor


South Station Concourse Competition, Boston - Final
10x13.75 watercolor


Boston Museum Project
Concept Phase
7.5x13.5 watercolor


Lionel Hampton Jazz Center, Univ. of Idaho - Study
6x6.75 watercolor


Chubu Airport Competition, Tokyo
Final Rendition
10.75x11.25 watercolor


Lisbon Aquarium, Port of Lisbon, Portugal
12x28 watercolor


Mandarin Hotel, Costa Mesa, CA
Final Concept Illustration
10x11 watercolor


Rockport Chamber Music Festival, MA
2nd Stage Rendition
9.5x11 watercolor


Overture Performing Arts Center, Madison, WI - Final Rendition
11x17 watercolor


Overture Symphony Hall, Madison, WI
Color Pencil Study
8.75x10.5 pen, ink, color pencil


Sigma Xi Research Center
1st Stage Double Study
8x9 color pencil on white trace


Repsol Office Tower, Buenos Aires
7.5x11.5 watercolor


John Hancock Axial Tower, Boston
Self Commissioned
10x13 watercolor


125 High St Office Complex, Boston
14.25x14.25 graphite pencil on vellum


Boylston St Commons, Boston
14.5x17.5 prismacolor on pencil drawing


Copley Place, Boston
19.5x28.5 watercolor


90 Tremont St, Boston - Tone Study
8x12.5 graphite on vellum


Health Sciences Center, Univ. of Maryland
12x17.75 graphite on vellum


Baylor Law School, Waco, TX - Final
8.25x14.5 graphite on paper


90 Tremont St, Boston - Final
10x16 graphite on vellum


Tokyo Gate
10x14 watercolor


Carnival Cruise Lines "Fantasy" - Study
7x9.25 watercolor


Fell's Point Pier, Black Eyed Susan & Tug
Baltimore Harbor
12x16 watercolor


Grecian Ocean, Cypros
9.5x11.75 watercolor


Meditation on Magenta
11.25x11.5 watercolor


Nantucket Glad
7.75x7.75 watercolor


Eden's Edibles
10x12.5 watercolor
9x11 giclee print


Rhedd Bartlett
7.5x7.5 watercolor


Casino Archway, Catalina Island
15.5x11.5 watercolor


Ether Monument Evening
13x15 watercolor


Fountain Lions
10x10.5 watercolor


"Orange Street Church, Nantucket"
Unitarian Universalist Church
13x10 watercolor,
giclee prints available

Awaiting a Sail-ACK, Nantucket
10.25x13 watercolor


Apeal of the Arts
9x13 giclee print of watercolor


Fruit Casts Shadows Too
9x10 giclee print of watercolor