“Coming Home - A Return to Our Roots in Hingham”
Alison Hill, Melanie Hill Preston, Suzanne Hill

on November 11, 2011

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This exhibit featured works of three artists – sisters, originally from Hingham, MA, coming home to show their life's work: Alison Hill – plein-air painter, Melanie Hill Preston – jewelry designer and Suzanne Hill – ceramic artist.
The Hill sisters grew up in Hingham, MA and lived here until their high school years. Alison and Suzanne graduated from Hingham High. But in 1969 they moved away and they haven't been coming back too frequently. Currently, Alison lives on Monhegan Island , ME , Melanie lives in Newport , RI , and Suzanne lives in Concord , MA . They remember Hingham as being a great place to explore and ride their bikes; Alison enjoyed sports and was quite a tomboy as she says. Suzanne remembers: “…raking leaves in the fall and roasting potatoes in the burning piles of leaves. Trick or treating in the neighborhood behind Liberty Pole Road . Swimming lessons in Hingham Harbor , day camp at South School . Walking down to Marchetti's Market for cokes and penny candy. Skating at Cushing Pond in the winters. Taking the bus to Boston so I could hang out at the coffee shops and go to club 47 in the late sixties.”
Alison received her art education in Lesley College , the Rhode Island Collage, Lyme Academy and The Art Student's League. She's had several shows and is part of many galleries. She says: “Painting has become my way of moving through this world, responding to and expressing what I see and feel. It is my interpretation, using color, stroke, and line, to evoke the mood I am receiving, whether it is a landscape, a person, or a still life, I want to recreate what I am receiving. Through some fortunate circumstances, I am now living on Monhegan Island , Maine . In the summer I run a studio gallery, and off season I spend painting, traveling, doing portraits, and other art related endeavors. Monhegan offers endless inspiration, no matter what the season, and I feel very fortunate to call this home.”
Melanie has been working with cultured pearls and gemstones since she discovered many unique gemstones while living in Freemantle , Australia in 1987. Since then she has collected a wide variety of gemstones and pearls from all over the world. Her distinctive colorful pieces are inspired by the many places she travels as well as current colors and styles.
Suzanne has been working in clay for over 35 years. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design, she went on to study with some of the most renowned ceramic artists in the country at Alfred College of Ceramics, earning of Master of Fine Arts in Ceramic Art. Since then, she has taught ceramic art in colleges, schools and camps, worked as an independent potter in New York City , and at the Corcoran Museum in Washington , DC . She lived overseas for over ten years; in Peru , Mexico , and Bangladesh ; where she had the opportunity to study the traditional crafts of those countries and to work with indigenous potters. She enjoys working with all the possibilities clay has to offer, and produces a range of both functional and decorative pieces. Suzanne has a studio at the Emerson Umbrella, in Concord , Massachusetts where she works and teaches.

Please, see "this photo album" with photos from the opening reception on 11/11/11.