'Isle Au Haut' show

on October 29, 2004

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Our Gallery hosted a unique “ Isle Au Haut ” show, offering the recent paintings of a local traveling group of artists.
On Friday, October 29, 2004, a display of the compiled paintings of 5 New England artists' weeklong tour were available for viewing or purchase. The artists were available to answer questions at the event. The paintings will be on display until November 11, 2004.
The unique show title, “ Isle Au Haut ” is derived from the artist's recent journey to the so-named island, 7 miles off the coast of Maine in Penabscot Bay . With more than half of its area included in Acadia National Park , the remote location exists without shops or restaurants. The natural beauty of the area makes it a draw for many artists.
Jack Hobbs, Bonnie Hobbs and Vcevy Strekalovsky of Hingham , and Stefan Pastuhov of Stockton Springs , Maine visited the island for a painting session. During their two-week stay, they joined forces with island artist and resident Nancy Calvert, relying on her knowledge of the terrain for selecting appropriate locations to paint.
Pastuhov stated, "I try to capture the day on canvas. If it's cloudy, that's the image that I will capture. I look to create the mood of the day." After a week, the group came away with an impressive collection of paintings, creating a unique anthology for the public.
Pastuhov paints in the “plein aire” style, and has been shown in galleries throughout Maine , Vermont , Massachusetts and New Jersey . His paintings form the covers for (last 4 seasons – spring&fall 2003, and 2004) both the spring and fall catalogs of L.L. Bean last year, reaching an audience of more than 6 million. For the last 14 years, he has devoted his fulltime efforts to his painting; he is known as a painter who works outdoors all year long and whose love of art is the outdoors.
Hobbs , a Hingham resident and the owner of South Street Gallery, founded the gallery to bring more art and artists to the South Shore . Recently, he painted with artist Charles Sovek, and their work together was part of a Public Broadcasting System series.
Strekalovsky, a third generation painter of Russian heritage, is a graduate of Middlebury College where he studied with noted Vermont watercolor artist K.D. Healy.
Calvert noted, “The results were amazing, at day's end, to see the different perceptions of each artist's view of the same landscape.” She added, “You can get a real feel for the weather and atmosphere of the moment in these paintings.” The group painted at locations on the island including a foggy day at Western Head, a high cliff overlooking the ocean vista; Isle Au Haut Thoroughfare, the main entrance to the island; Kennedy's Field boat house and Bulls Eye daysailer; Calvert's shore with a view of Moxie Island; and much more.

Nancy Calvert

Catch the Wind
Head Harbor
Island Inlet

"Catch the Wind"
oil, 12"x16"


"Head Harbor"
oil, 16"x20"


"Island Inlet"
oil, 16"x20"


Cliff Walk
Fog at Western Head
Foggy Morning

"Cliff Walk"
oil, 18"x14"


"Fog at Western Head"
oil, 12"x9"


"Foggy Morning"
oil, 20"x16"


Isle Au Haut Light - Deck View
Isle au Haut Lighthouse
Moxie Bait House

"Isle au Haut Light - Deck View"
oil, 12"x16"


"Isle au Haut Lighthouse"
oiol, 9"x12",


"Moxie Bait House"
oil, 8"x10",


Walk through Thunder Gulch
Isle au Haut from Lobster Pound

"Walk through Thunder Gulch"
oil, 9"x12"


"Isle au Haut from Lobster Pound"
oil, 20"x16"



Stefan Pastuhov

Harbor Way
Foggy Morn
High Tide

"Harbor Way"
oil, 10"x8"


"Foggy Morn"
oil, 8"x10"


"High Tide"
oil, 12"x16"


Isle au Haut Thoroughfare
Harbor Reflections
Isle au Haut Harbor

"Isle au Haut Thoroughfare"
oil, 12"x16"


"Harbor Reflections"
oil, 10"x16"


"Isle au Haut Harbor"
oil, 16"x20"


Western Head
Heading Home

"Western Head"
oil, 20"x24"


"Heading Home"
oil, 30"x36"


Vcevy Strekalovsky

Isle au Haut Harbor
Toward Stonington
Isle au Haut Light

"Isle au Haut Harbor"
watercolor, 5.5"x7.75"


"Toward Stonington"
oil, 12"x16"


"Isle au Haut Light"
oil, 12"x16"

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Jack Hobbs

Fish Shack
From the Landing to the Point
Head Harbor

"Fish Shack"
oil, 10"x14"


"From the Landing to the Point"
oil, 10"x14"


"Head Harbor"
oil, 8"x10"


Herreshoff Resting
Isle au Haut Light House
Looking through the Thoroughfare

"Herreshoff Resting"
oil, 10"x14"


"Isle au Haut Light House"
oil, 10"x14"


"Looking through the Thoroughfare"
oil, 10"x14"


Rich's Cove
Weather at the Point
Toward the Landing

"Rich's Cove"
oil, 10"x12"


"Weather at the Point"
oil, 10"x16"


"Toward the Landing"
oil, 10"x16"


Bonnie Hobbs

Cottage & Boat
View from the Rocks
View from the Thoroughfare

"Cottage & Boat"
oil, 3"x4",


"View from the Rocks"
oil, 6"x8"


"View from the Thoroughfare"
oil, 5"x7"