Jack Dickerson's show
"A Walk at World's End"

on May 1, 2009

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Jack's bold use of color, and his interpretations of light, shadow and reflections convey an uplifting mix of vitality and calm.
"There is extreme power in Jack's work, yet a delicacy that leaves the heart yearning and sometimes pounding. His combination of pointalist and impressionist approach captures the moment vividly.  His paintings always leave one with the feeling of being quite alive. Denise Williams, Director of Santa Fe Art World in Santa Fe , NM
Says Jack about his work: "I work best from the inside out. Over time my memory has stored snapshots of experiences, impressions and emotions. Imagery in the present (such as my walks in World's End) creates a powerful connection with those snapshots from the past. These powerful connections create a constant flow of new ideas and images for my canvases. As my life unfolds, so do my paintings. They reveal my feelings, beliefs, and sense of purpose. My paintings are my personal stories.
Jack's work has been shown in both group and solo exhibitions in the Northeast. His paintings hang in many private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. He work has been displayed in dozens of publications including Graphis, Better Homes & Gardens, RISD Views and The Boston Globe. His work has been recognized over the years with numerous awards. He earned degrees from Rhode Island School of Design and the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule (Basel College of Art) in Switzerland , and was awarded a two-year grant from the Ford Foundation.


"Afternoon Suns"
acrylic, 35"x37"


"Big Fall Birch Reflectioons"
acrylic, 47"x46"


"Big Fall Maples"
acrylic, 44"x48"


"Big Spring Welcome"
acrylic, 45"x60",


"Birch Stand over Tidal Pond"
acrylic, 29"x32"


"Birches Blue and Orange Darker"
acrylic, 24"x33"


"Birches BW2"
acrylic, 26"x31"


"Blue and Orange Birches"
acrylic, 16"x22"


"Blue and Orange Birches 2"
acrylic, 22"x24"


"Catboat - into the Sun"
acrylic, 39"x52"


"Catboat at Sunset"
acrylic, 30"x38"


"Two Rowboats Waiting, World's End"
acrylic, 34"x34"


"Fall Birches on Tidal Pond"
acrylic, 24"x36"


"Lifting Fog on Top of World's End"
acrylic, 44"x48"


"Little Fall Maples"
acrylic, 22"x33",


"Marching Trees"
acrylic, 44"x48"


"Rowboat in Marshes"
acrylic, 35"x40"


"Tree Dream"
acrylic, 44"x48"


"Rowboat #1, World's End"
acrylic, 36"x36",


"Rowboat #2, World's End"
acrylic, 36"x36"


"Rowboat #3, World's End"
acrylic, 35"x45"


"World's End Marshes"
acrylic, 44"x33"


"World's End Tree"
acrylic, 16"x13",


"Winter Path on Tidal Pond"
acrylic, 18"x36"



"Wake Up Call"
acrylic, 25"x36"


"Classic Nude"
acrylic, 24"x22"

"You won't see her at World's End"