Jack Dickerson's show
"Shadows and Reflections"

on May 5, 2006

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Paintings by a distinguished Hingham artist Jack Dickerson were exhibited at our Gallery in May 2006.
Dickerson paints what he feels, in his own way, without concern about traditional styles, techniques and color palettes. In preparation for some of his larger paintings he carefully examines his subject with large-scale graphite drawings, working them until his own sense of composition, juxtapositions, and energy emerge. His paintings evolve, coming together with distinct color palettes and lighting that convey vitality and motion. His diversity in styles is not surprising as he constantly searches for more meaningful ways to express what he sees and feels.
Dickerson began painting at the young age of six with fine artist neighbor Fred Freeman (a regular artist for Life, Look and Collier magazines). “Fred gave me my very own paints, brushes and table. Spending Saturdays and Sundays with him was a gift. For the next 6 years I gradually wore down a winding path to his studio. I was content. That was the beginning.”
Nothing can compare to making something with your own eyes and hands. “I paint because I love it. I am very present with myself when I paint, and this extends into the rest of my family life. The fact that so many people hang my paintings on their walls is an extra gift, and the new connections I make with these people is extremely rewarding.”
Dickerson comes from generations of Dutch architects who designed public buildings in Amsterdam such as the Rijksmuseum and Central Station and also designed, built and repaired hundreds of churches in the Benelux region during the hundred years prior to 1930. On his father's side, he comes from generations of mariners whose passion was salt water—shipyards, rigging, marine surveying, ocean racing, and defending the America 's Cup.
Dickerson, his wife Kate and their children are all intensely creative, independent and passionate people with multiple creative and intellectual pursuits. Kate is a well-known interior designer and runs her own interior design boutique in Hingham , MA .


"After the Bath"
30"x24", acrylic


"Fall Birches"
30"x24", acrylic

"Il Contadino"
40"x27", acrylic


"Indian I."
78"x42", acrylic




"Indian II."
78"x42", acrylic


"Flamenco Dancers"
48"x36", acrylic


"La Flamenca"
36"x48", acrylic


17"x26", acrylic


"High Road Shadows in World's End"
36"x24", acrylic


"Mid Road Shadows in World's End"
36"x24", acrylic


"Low Road, World's End"
42"x30", acrylic


"Marshfield Birchers"
36"x30", acrylic


"Rowers at the Start"
35"x39", acrylic


"Tidal Pond I., End of Summer, WE"
24"x20", acrylic


"Winter Birches"
30"x24", acrylic


"Tidal Pond II."
30"x27", acrylic


"Weir River Marshes"
32"x23", acrylic


"Yellow Dory"
36"x24", acrylic


"Woman Rower"
48"x33", acrylic


"Red Rowboat"
36"x24", acrylic


48"x36", acrylic


"Rowboat on the Beach, Jamaica"
57"x34", acrylic


"My Son the Chef"
68"x40", acrylic



"Courting Loon"
30"x24", acrylic