John Leo Loughlin show

on June 18, 2011

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portrait of John Loughlin
by Allen Johnson


"Autumn Day"
oil, 20"x20"


"Vermont Winter"
oil, 18"x18"


"Barre Falls Dam"
oil, 14"x18"


"Barre Hills"
oil, 14"x20"


"Entrance, Douglas State Forest"
oil, 14"x18"


"Autumn Sunset"
oil, 18"x18"


"Eagle over Jordan Pond"
oil, 22"x24"


"Morning Sun Rise"
oil, 18"x18"


"Grafton Fall"
oil, 10"x15"


"Hinsdale Spring"
oil, 11"x16"


"Mary's Creek"
oil, 10"x14"


"Mt. Desert"
oil, 14"x18"


"New England Winter"
oil, 12"x16"


"Pine Grove"
oil, 14"x18"


"Ware River Summer"
oil, 11"x16"


"Quinapoxset Winter"
oil, 20"x16"


"Rutland Marsh"
oil, 10"x14"


"Vermont Farm Winter"
oil, 14"x18"


"Webster, MA"
oil, 11"x14"


"West Hill Dam"
oil, 12"x12"


"Winter Pine"
oil, 12"x16"


"Bass Rocks"
oil, 12"x16"


"Quiet Evening"
watercolor, 9"x13"


"Swallow Tails, Bermuda"
watercolor, 10"x14"


"Lighthouse on Prudence Island, RI"
watercolor, 10"x13"


"Ocean Front"
watercolor, 11"x17"


"Hill Top"
watercolor, 14"x21"


"Geese in Flight"
watercolor, 14"x21"


"Baptha, Portugal"
watercolor, 9"x14"


"Morning Hunters"
watercolor, 6"x10"


"Birches at the Pond"
lithograph, 7"x8"


"Canvas Back"
pen&ink, 6"x9"


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