Lisa Daria

“For almost 3000 days, I have been dedicated to the practice of painting every day.
I'm a young adult cancer survivor so I have a persistence to make sure every day matters. For me, daily painting is a daily appreciation for living via the canvas.
Painting has become a reminder every day can bring with it reason. My optimism and perception have become part of the process of creating each day without reservation or excuse. The finished painting represents a consistently positive and stabilizing presence of my view of my immediate surroundings, I then post each daily painting to my blog.
Throughout my adult life, I have been a creative, as a freelancer in graphic, surface and giftware design. The idea of making things for someone else had always satiated the need to be creating. But, I had often imagined making the same commitment to myself and channeling my work ethic previously reserved for clients into painting. Through this practice of daily painting, I have discovered a passion and desire to create self directed imagery.
In addition to creating my daily journal of painting, I have also developed and created the website, The Big C Visual Journal. A website to collect cancer survivor entries, in effort to embody the spirit of those of us who have survived. I also envision this on-going project as an installation piece. When all 11.9 million submissions are acquired and printed out, they will span a distance from Massachusetts to Florida ! In my work and personally, I am attracted to working from observation. I'm typically drawn in by one particular shape, which is not necessarily the focal point or an area of greatest saturation or darkest dark, but an area which I then represent visually by a making a mark. This area my attention is first held becomes the first mark on the canvas which I preserve until the painting is finished. It is from here the rest of the painting grows.
I never draw anything on the canvas, but rather build it through these marks. I am compelled to keep my paintings fresh, never working on top of a mark that's already down. But rather filling in the blanks. I'm striving to keep the spontaneity of the brushwork and the freshness of the surface texture.
I enjoy taking things out of context, plucking a building from the landscape or objects from surroundings, giving things a place to rest and embracing time served. I explore a combination of dimension and flat areas, representing surface lines head-on, flattening out the pictorial space into a design. There's a beauty within stillness and I'm captivated by imagining something as the only thing to be considered by preserving simplicity. I am engaged by removing distractions.
Lastly, I'm captivated by a continued celebration of what might not have been at all. Making sure every day matters by leaving a mark to document each day has become part of a daily ritual and I have found the best way to do this is through the practice of painting every day.”

Lisa had a solo exhibition at out Gallery on December 9, 2011. See images 'here'.

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"Salt Marsh I."
acrylic, 4"x4"


"Salt Marsh II."
acrylic, 4"x4"


acrylic, 12"x12"



"Concord I."
acrylic, 6"x6"


"Concord II."
acrylic, 6"x6"