"Coastal Visions" by
Morgan Davis & Hal DeWaltoff

on June 16, 2006

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Morgan Davis

"Afternoon on the Creek"
oil, 10"x22"


"Cohasset Inlet"
oil, 4"x8"


"Inlet at World's End"
oil, 5"x8"


"Before Rain"
oil, 20"x30"


"Preparing to Pull"
oil, 12"x16"


"The Horse Pulling"
oil, 11"x15"


"Summer School"
oil, 10"x20"


"Toward Button Island"
oil, 10"x22"


"Toward Great Blue Hill"
oil, 8"x12"


"Cooling Down"
oil, 6"x9"


"Saddling Up"
oil, 7.5"x9"

"First Thaw"
oil, 16"x20"


"Respite at the Rill"
oil, 7"x10"


"Apples & Basket II"
oil, 12"x18"


"Oranges with Linen"
oil, 8"x13",



"Sunset at World's End"
oil, 24"x28"




Hal DeWaltoff

"At the Dock"
oil, 8"x10"


"Cape Cod Barn"
oil, 6"x8"


"Distant Dune"
oil, 9"x12"


"Early Evening"
oil, 12"x16",


""Fog and Clouds, World's End"
oil, 15"x17"


oil, 8"x12"


"Late Day Sail"
oil, 9"x12"


"Rocky Shore, World's End"
oil, 6"x8"


"Sandwich Marshes"
oil, 10"x12"


"Towards Hull"
oil, 11"x14"


"Early Light"
oil, 6"x8"

"Glimpse of the Harbor"
oil, 9"x12",


"White Orchids"
oil, 14"x12"