Marty Ulman' show

on June 24, 2005

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Our Gallery opened an exhibit of Marty's works on June 24, 2005. Marty was on hand at the event opening, where the public had the opportunity to meet with him. The exhibit featured two series of the artist's latest works; sculptures created from found objects, otherwise knows as “junk sculpture”. The first series includes historical representations of boats through different time periods. The second has a religious flavor, with several interpretations of the Crucifixion. Each of the works was sculpted within the last few years. The sculptures range from table size at 2' – 3', and some freestanding up to 4' wide to 6' in height.
"My art evokes images of my life and time. These images are recreated with artifacts accumulated over many years, which I find by picking through piles of junk; the refuse of the 19th and 20th century technology. These items are incorporated into my work allowing viewers another look and the objects another life. The art becomes a vehicle to encapsulate a slice of history and give it a second form."
A primarily self-taught artist, Ulman works professionally as an architect. His education was earned at the Boston Architect center. He works at CBT Architects located in the North Station area of Boston.
Ulman maintains a professional Studio and Gallery in Roslindale. There, he has permanent exhibits with his wife, Judy, a photographer, and his son, Michael, also a sculptor of found objects.
Ulman has received several awards over the last 25 years, including top places at juried shows in Duxbury and Cambridge . He was a finalist in the National Religious Small Sculpture Exhibition in Washington D.C. , as well as the Brown Fund Initiative in Boston . His work has been featured in a variety of magazines and newspapers over the years, including the Boston Globe, Newport News , Providence Journal, Cape Cod Newspaper, Boston Magazine, Patriot Ledger and many local papers. His works have been exhibited at numerous galleries and museums, including Boston State House, Boston Architectural Center , Duxbury Art Museum , Fuller Craft Museum , Cambridge Art Museum , and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Gallery.

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"3 Masted Schooner"
33" high


"Boat America"
65" high


"Brigantine Union Jack"
49" high


37" high


"Flat Iron Dhows"
33" high


35" high


"La Concepcion"
48" high


"Schooner Wyoming"
24" high


"Sidewheel Schooner Central America"
41" high


"Slave Ship HMS Brookes"
35" high


"South Pacific"
40" high


"Viking Boat Valhala"
36" high


"Sunday Best"
24" high


"Ice Boat"
67" high


"Pilgrim's Shrine"
40" high


"Spartacus 72 BC"
75" high


49" high


"Last Stand"
34" high


"Red Cross" and "Blue Cross"
39" and 36" high


85" high