Mary A. Smith's show

on February 1, 2015

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"A Walk Through the Woods"
watercolor, 8"x11"


"Connemara, Ireland"
watercolor, 8"x11"


"Dreamers, Hingham Shipyard"
watercolor, 11"x15"


"End of Summer"
watercolor, 6"x8"


"Every Monday, Lucca Italy"
watercolor, 6"x9",


"Summer Sky, Boston"
watercolor, 5"x7",


"From Downer Ave"
watercolorr, 8"x11"


"Nantucket Summer"
watercolor & pastel, 8"x11"


"Nauset Light"
watercolor, 10"x16"


"Into the light, Sestri Levante Italy"
watercolor, 22"x15"


"Lobster a Specialty, Orleans"
watercolor, 16"x11"


"Proud Sailors, Hingham Shipyard"
watercolor, 12"x8"


"Lost in Translation"
watercolor, 8"x5",


"No Thoughts of Winter"
watercolor, 15"x10.5",


watercolor, 10"x8"


"Outgoing Tide"
watercolor, 12"x18"


watercolor, 9"x10"


"Suspened Time Nantucket"
watercolor, 7"x7"


"Sea Shells 3"
watercolor, 5"x7",


"Shell Study"
watercolor, 8"x10"


"Twilit Water"
watercolor, 6"x9"


"Season's Promise"
watercolor, 11"x8"


"Shadow Dance, Alfante Spain"
watercolor, 14"x11"


"Silent Poetry, October"
watercolor, 10"x8"


"Winter's Gift"
watercolor, 14"x20"


"Sunset IX"
watercolor, 9"x18"


"The Orange Kayak"
watercolor, 13"x16"


"Winter Dream"
watercolor, 8"x10"


"Vanishing Music"
watercolor, 8"x11"


" Winter Sky"
watercolor, 11"x14"



"Under the Moon"
watercolor, 5"x10"