Mary A. Smith's show
"Evidence of Life"

on November 16, 2007

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"Afternoon Reflections"
watercolor, 9"x12"


"Snow Day, Pembroke, MA"
watercolor, 6"x8",


"Sunset, Black's Creek, Quincy"
watercolor, 9"x12"



"Boats On Beach, Sestri Levante"
watercolor, 12"x9"


"Lake Orta, Italy"
watercolor, 9"x12"


"Sestri Levante #5"
watercolor, 16"x12"


"Key West, Margaret Street"
watercolor, 9"x12"


"Key West, Southard Street"
watercolor, 12"x9"


"Key West, Southard Street Morning"
watercolor, 9"x12"


"Winter Tide, Black's Creek, Quincy"
watercolor, 12"x15"


"Black's Creek, Late Afternoon"
watercolor, 11"x15"


"Green Ice"
watercolor, 13"x18"


"Boston from Quincy Bay"
watercolor, 8"x11"


"Last Boat"
watercolor, 17"x11"


"Summer Sunset"
watercolor, 13"x19"


"Garden at Old Ordinary"
watercolor, 12"x9"


"Otis Street"
watercolor, 11"x8"


"Into the Light"
watercolor, 21"x15"


"November Calm"
watercolor, 12"x18"


"Peddock's Island"
watercolor, 8"x15"


"Sanford Farm, Nantucket"
watercolor, 10"x18"



"Winter's Gift"
watercolor, 13"x19"