Maureen K. Brookfield's show
"From Brush to Paper"

on March 21, 2008

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"Autumn Marsh"
watercolor, 10"x13"


"Buffalo Moon"
watercolor 6"x17"


"Big Sky"
watercolor, 10.5"x13.5"


"Out of Order"
watercolor, 19.5"x13"


"Beacon Hill Doorway"
watercolor, 10"x8.5"


"Spanish Blues"
watercolor, 10"x8.5"


"Cabos San Lucas"
watercolor, 9"x13"


"Evening Clouds"
watercolor, 10"x20.5"


"Down By The River"
wataercolor, 10.5"x14.5"


"Catchin' Rays"
watercolor, 14"x10"


"Got Daisies"
watercolor, 10.5"x13.5"


"Hyacinths and Pears"
watercolor, 14"x10"


"First Snow"
watercolor, 15"x21"


"Weeping Angel II."
watercolor, 11"x10"


"Weir Farm Hingham"
watercolor, 10"x14"


"Isle of Shoals"
watercolor, 14"x18"


"Golden Pears"
watercolor, 8"x10"


"Here Comes The Rain"
watercolor, 10"x14"


"Scituate Sunrise"
watercolor, 11"x16"


"Long View, 4th Cliff"
watercolor, 14"x20"


"Middle Bridge, Woodstock VT"
watercolor, 10"x14.5"


"Waiting for the Swallows"
watercolor, 15"x11"


"Brightening Sky"
watercolor 10"x8"


"Stepping Stones"
watercolor, 14.5"x9"


"View from TKO'Malleys"
watercolor, 11"x15"


"Damons Point"
watercolor, 13.5"x10.5"



"The Road Home"
watercolor, 12"x18"