"OPEN SPACES" exhibit

on February 1, 2013

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New England Artists painted fields, meadows and last farms to benefit the Massachusetts Audubon.

Mass Audubon is one of the largest conservation organizations in New England, they work to protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and wildlife. Together with more than 100,000 members, they care for 35,000 acres of conservation land, provide school, camp, and other educational programs for 225,000 children and adults annually, and advocate for sound environmental policies at local, state, and federal levels.
Mass Audubon's South Shore Sanctuaries consists of 6 wildlife sanctuaries on the South Shore protecting almost 2,000 acres. They have walking trails at sanctuaries in Marshfield and Duxbury with wheelchair accessible trails at our Daniel Webster Sanctuary. Their North River Sanctuary is where their offices and gift shop are located as well as serving as the base for their summer camp, and adult, children and family educational activities. For more info and directions, folks can visit their website: www.massaudubon.orf/southshore.


T. A. Charron
"Fall Time"
oil, 16"x20"


T.M. Nicholas
"Spring Time"
oil, 16"x30"


Sue Charles
"Field Hollow"
oil, 24"x24"


Alexander Korman
"Old Farmhouse in Vermont"
oil, 23"x31"


Amber Waterhouse
"The Tree Stands Alone"
oil, 11"x14"


Ann M. Murphy
"Higher Ground"
pastel, 30"x39"


Ann M. Musto
"Up to Sugar Hill"
oil, 30"x36"


Barbar Lussier
"George's Barn"
oil, 9"x12"


Bill Scott
"Nantucket Driveway"
oil pastel, 6"x8"


Bill Goffrier
oil, 24"x18"


Diane Scott
"Summer Sky"
oil, 8"x6",


Donna Rossetti-Bailey
"Late Afternoon Sun"
pastel, 12"x9"


Bob Graves
"Across the Street from My House"
oil, 12"x16"


Cheryl A. Curran
"Summer Fields"
oil, 18"x24"


Christina Eckerson
oil, 18"x24"


Christine Bodnar
"In Winter"
pastel, 12"x12"


Jan McElhinny
"Sweet Grass"
oil, 24"x24"


Margaret Farrell Bruno
"Daniel WebsterWildlife Sanctuary"
oil, 8"x8"


Chuck Sullivan
"Berry Farm"
oil, 18.5"x25.5"


Dianne Panarelli Miller
"Spring Pastures"
oil, 16"x20"


Frank Costantino
"Sky's Mazurka o'er Belle Isle Marsh"
watercolor, 13"x18"


Hal DeWaltoff
"Dimmocks Field"
oil, 9"x12"


Joan Brancale
"Old Riding Stable"
oil, 12"x24"


Margaret McWethy
"North River Winter"
oil, 11"x14"


Jen Kelly
"Far and Away"
oil, 20"x16"


Vcevy Strekalovsky
oil, 8"x12"


Sharon McCann Daly
"Summer Blooms"
oil, 10"x8"


JoAnne Chittick
"Autumn Fields"
watercolor, 14"x20"


Marjorie Whorf
"Dramatic Tree at Elmbank"
oil, 11"x14"


Mary Callahan
"Toward the Inlet"
watercolor, 14"x20"


Maureen Brookfield
"Spring Fields"
oil, 11"x14"


Mary Felton
"Field #2"
charcoal, 4"x6"


Maureen Vezina
"Audubon Autumn Farm Day"
oil, 9"x12"


Nancy Collela
"Page's Field"
oil, 16"x20"


Mike Graves
"Lily Pond"
oil, 24"x30"


Rita Brace
"Marshfield Meadow"
oil, 16"x20"


Nancy Sargent Howell
"Sunny Field"
watercolor, 15"x22"


Paul Wasson
"Looking for Columbus"
oil, 9"x12"


Robert Duffy
"Northern Farm"
oil, 16"x20"


Susan Kilmartin
"Home Meadows"
oil, 9"x12"


Robert Beaulieu
"Daves Farm #2"
oil, 12"x24"


Susan Ahearn
"Audubon View"
oil, 8"x8"


Tatiana Yanovskaya
"Hot Summer in New England"
oil, 8"x16"