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on September 5, 2014

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"Evening Light"
acrylic, 31"x28"


"Beach Love"
acrylic, 30"x30"


"Beach Walk"
acrylic, 30"x26"


"Bowl of Fruit"
acrylic, 30"x30"


acrylic, 30"x30"


acrylic, 26"x24"


"Island View"
acrylic, 24"x36"


"Path to Harbor"
acrylic, 30"x24"


"Patti's Marsh"
acrylic, 27"x25"


"Sandy Road"
acrylic, 25"x37"


"Summer Roses"
acrylic, 30"x26"


acrylic, 24"x24"


"The Deck"
acrylic, 37"x25"


"World's End"
acrylic, 7"x7"


"Tall & Lean"
acrylic, 33"x25"


acrylic, 7"x9",


 "River Fest"
acrylic, 7"x7"


  "Face Paint"
acrylic, 7"x5"



"Roses on Glass Table"
acrylic, 45"x23"