Preparation show

on June 1, 2015

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* featuring preliminary sketches in any medium that served as an early step in the preparation of
a final plein-air (outdoors) or studio painting,
* both the preliminary and final works are on display and available for sale,
* featuring works of 11 Gallery Artists:
 Robert Beaulieu, Eli Cedrone, Sue Charles, Frank Costantino,
Margaret McWethy, Ann Musto, Dianne Panarelli Miller,
Ann M. Murphy, Mary A. Smith, Vcevy Strekalovsky, Michael Weymouth

Frank Costantino: 7"x5" watercolor sketch for 22"x16" final watercolor painting

Vcevy Strekalovsky: 5"x6" pencil thumbnail sketch and 12"x16" oil field study for
30"x40" final oil painting