Priscilla Levesque's show
"Painting Outside"

on September 12, 2008

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"Low Tide at Martin's Well"
watercolor, 10"x15"


"Winter on Hersey Street"
casein, 10"x14"


"Main St, Hingham"
casein, 8.5"x11",


"Behind the Old Ordinary"
watercolor+casein, 10"x14"

casein, 11"x18"


"As Night Was Falling"
watercolor, 9"x12"


"Blacksmith Shop
watercolor, 8"x14"


"Blue Willow"
casein on board, 11"x14"


"Cataumet Bog"
casein on board, 11"x14"


"Circuit Ave Night"
casein, 9"x14"


"Grey Sky with White Barn"
casein, 10"x18"


"Head of the Pond"
watercolor, 8.5"x14"


"Lily Pond Bog"
watercolor, 8.5"x10"


"Lobsterville Rd"
casein, 9.5"x15"


"Low Tide in Cataumet"
casein, 10"x13"


"Snow on Grasslands"
casein, 10.5"x13"


"Long Dirt Road"
watercolor, 7"x15",


"Menemsha Street Corner"
casein, 10"x12"


"Still Life with Oranges"
watercolor, 10"x11"


"The Old Forge"
watercolor, 9"x11"


"Under the Trees"
watercolor, 10"x14"



"Winter on Mashnee Island"
casein, 11"x20"


"Yellow House on Shore Rd"
watercolor, 9"x17"