Priscilla Levesque's show

on September 9, 2011

Priscilla has been a resident of Cataumet MA for the past 38 years and paints landscapes on the Upper Cape and Provincetown . After years of working in transparent watercolor, she began using casein as well. Casein is an opaque, quick-drying aqueous medium using a milk-based binding agent. In most of Priscilla's paintings, she blocks in large areas with watercolor, then works over them with casein to strengthen color and develop texture. She received a BFA from UMass at Amherst and has studied with artists including Claude Croney, Paul George, Margaret Shields and Robert Roark. Priscilla has won several awards, including Best in Show at the 2007 Falmouth Artists Guild Summer Juried Show. In the same location, she won Best Landscape in 2008, Juror's Choice in 2009, and Best Watermedia in 2010. Her work can also be seen at the Cataumet Arts Center , Gallery 333 in N. Falmouth, the Cape Gallery Framer in Falmouth , and Impulse Art Gallery in Provincetown . Her teaching experience includes the Cataumet Arts Center , the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Falmouth Community School , the Cotuit Center for the Arts, and the Featherstone Center for the Arts in Oak Bluffs.
I paint with transparent watercolor and casein. Usually I work outdoors on location in order to accurately record the nuances of the subject. I enjoy portraying the atmosphere, weather, contrasts of warm versus cool, bright versus subdued, detail at the focal point contrasted with the more vague and abstract areas.
By working on location I can capture fleeting effects such as racing clouds, rain, fog, snow flurries, and reflections on water, as well as more gradual transitions such as the ebb and flow of the tide.
I continue my landscape work during the winter by painting while inside my car. Some people find this unusual, but I think it really makes sense. Though the space is confined, I am able to produce small paintings. I find it essential to work outside, surrounded by the landscape.


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"Looking Down Water Street"
casein, 8"x8"


"Houses on Lincoln Street"
watercolor, 7.25x10,


"Forsythia by the Road"
watercolor + casein, 8"x8"


"Bradford St"
casein, 9.5"x12"


"Circa 1830"
watercolor, 11"x14"


"House with White Fence"
casein, 10"x13"


"Cove at Low Tide"
casein, 10"x7.25"


"Distant Sail"
casein, 10"x7.25"


"Wood Duck Inn"
casein, 11.75"x9"


watercolor + casein, 7.5"x9.5"


"House Facing South"
casein, 9"x12"


"New Blue Vase"
watercolor + casein, 8.5"x11.25"


"Rainy Day on Grasslands"
watercolor + casein, 10.5"x8.5"


"Rainy Day on Music St"
casein, 10.5"x8"


"East End"
casein, 10"x7.25"


"Blue and Orange Cove"
casein, 14"x7.25"


"Bridge to Tobey Island"
watercolor + casein, 20.5"x13"


"Intersection on Bradford"
watercolor + casein, 17.5"x12"


"Primary Colors"
watercolor + casein, 7"x9.75"


"Historic House"
watercolor + casein, 12"x11"


"Still Life with Pink Glass"
watercolor + casein, 10"x7.5"


"After the Harvest"
watercolor + casein, 16.5"x8.5"


"Low Tide at Martin's Well"
watercolor + casein, 15"x10"


"Lily Pond Bog in Winter"
watercolor + casein, 17"x8"


"End of a Long Winter"
watercolor + casein, 16.5"x11"

"Cloud Bank"
watercolor, 10"x7.25"


"Circuit Ave Night"
casein, 14"x10"