Priscilla Levesque's show
"On Location"

on November 17, 2006

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"Bog Underwater"
watercolor, 9"x19"


"Autumn on Beal Street"
casein, 8"x14",


"Beach Road"
watercolor, 10"x19"


"Cataumet Depot"
casein, 10"x14"


"Central Fire Station"
casein, 8"x11",


"Corner of Church and Wayland"
watercolor, 10"x14"


"Harbor at Twilight"
watercolor, 12"x18"


"Blacksmith Shop
conte' crayon, 9"x11"


"Old Forge"
watercolor, 9"x11"


"House on Tississa Pt."
watercolor, 9"x17"


"Landscape with Nest"
watercolor, 9"x17"


"Last Light on the Marsh"
casein, 9"x17"


"Late Afternoon on Pocasset"
watercolor, 10"x17"


"Martin's Well"
watercolor + casein, 8"x14"


"Melting II."
watercolor, 9"x17"


"Quissett Evening"
watercolor + casein, 9"x11",


"Nightfall on Saltmarsh Lane"
watercolor, 11"x13"


"Pink House on Rose Avenue"
watercolor 10"x14"


"Russet, Gold and Gray"
watercolor, 9"x19"


"Scraggy Neck Causeway"
watercolor, 10"x17"


"Stone Farmhouse"
casein, 9"x15"



"Rainy Day on Music Street"
casein, 8"x10"


"Under the Trees"
watercolor, 10"x14"