"Produce Art" show
March 7 through April 2, 2009

Artists used their imagination and produced art which could be art for the kitchen or about the kitchen.
We received 48 paintings for this exhibit. Here are a few examples:

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Andrew Orr
"Summer Bounty and Copper"
oil, 12"x16"


Bill Scott
"Should Have Had a V8"
oil pastel, 5"x7"


Dianne Panarelli Miller
oil, 9"x12"


Cheryl Dunlap
"Drink Coffee"
acrylic, 10"x8"


Diane Scott
"Winter Kitchen"
oil, 12"x9"


Ted Gentry
"Sam I Am..."
oil, 10"x8"


Frank Costantino
watercolor, 12.5"x9.5"


Frank Costantino
watercolor, 12.5"x9.5"


Frank Costantino
"Ripening Tomato Trio"
watercolor, 8"x8"


Hal DeWaltoff
"The Sake Jar"
oil, 10"x12"


Joan Brancale
"In A Stew"
oil, 11"x14"


Jeanne MacFarland
"Afternoon Still-life with Peaches"
oil, 8"x10"


Kath Ferrara
"Veggies and Sunnies"
watercolor, 22"x29"


Nancy Sargent Howell
"Apple Collage"
watercolor, 11"x15"


Priscilla Levesque
"Stil-life with Lettuce"
watercolor, 10"x11"


Margaret McWethy
"Strawberries and Cream"
oil, 8"x10"


Nancy Colella
oil, 6"x12"


Paula Verlicco
"Orange Slices on a Cutting Board
oil, 5.5"x11"


Sue Charles
"Clementines on an Old Table"
oil, 12"x12"


Will Williams
"Clementines in the Morning Light"
oil, 12"x12"


Vcevy Strekalovsky
"Tutti Frutti"
oil, 10"x8"