Sue Charles

Sue Charles grew up in Scituate, MA and graduated from Boston University's School of Fine Arts. She has taught oil painting for over 15 years, on both north and south shores, and currently teaches at the Newburyport Art Association. Her paintings have won numerous awards, most recently best oil at NAA's regional juried show and her work is collected nationally, most notably by David and Susan Rockefeller, Jr.
Sue's current painting continues her intrigue with the idea of reflection and light. By incorporating gold leaf, by painting on aluminum and by considering individual brush strokes and how they can be knitted together, Charles draws attention to the surface quality of paintings, and honors the craft of creating an image from pure pigment and raw materials of cloth and metal.
Welliver, Klimt, Isaacs and Thomson are current influences. All the painters depict the three dimensions of light and space with emphatic shape and color. Sue's work has likewise evolved to emphasize the picture plane.
Says Charles "A good painting contains only the essentials and it stays with you like a hummable melody. I aim for that.”

On November 18, 2005, she had a solo show at the South Street Gallery. See the images 'here'.

Sue was part of our 10th anniversary show in February 2012. View images 'here'.

On November 11, 2016, Sue had another solor show here at our Gallery. See the images 'here'.

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"Cotton Clouds"
oil, 12"x12"


"Black Cows, Green Field"
oil, 10"x22"


oil, 12"x12"


"Newbury Marshes"
oil, 8"x8"


"Morning Sun"
oil on 23K gilded panel, 6"x12"


"Point of Land"
oil, 8"x8"


"One Summer Night"
oil, 8"x8"


"Rolling Fields"
oil, 6"x12"


"Safe Harbor"
oil on aluminum, 36"x36"


"The Water Turned Blue"
oil, 8"x8"


oil on 23K gilded panel, 10"x10"


"Wind on Water"
oil, 12"x12"


"Brook in the Woods"
oil on aluminum, 4"x4" image