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Focal Point - the Still Life

Exhibit of still-life paintings by 15 local Artists, on display January 5 - February 8, 2018.

Weir River Farm

Our October 2017 exhibit featured paintings from Weir River Farm in Hingham by local and regional artists. Paintings by many artists were painted within the last week of September. There were mostly oils but also a few watercolors and pastels, of various sizes from 8x10 up to 24x30 inches, and of various subjects, such as the landscape up on Turkey Hill, as well as the animals and the famous red barn. 

Pastels by Laurinda O'Connor

Our September 2017 show featured pastel paintings by Laurinda O'Connor of Milton MA. The opening reception took place on September 8, and Laurinda performed a painting demonstration on Saturday, September 23 which was very well attended. Laurinda O'Connor, award-winning artist, designer, and instructor, holds a BFA from UMass and an MFA from Boston University. She works as a graphic designer and teaches art to adults and children of all ages. She has won numerous awards and exhibited her works in many art galleries.

Monhegan Mystique

Paintings of 4 artists' journey to Monhegan Island, Maine - Bill Cloutman & Frank Costantino & Jack Haran & Jack Hobbs - opened on July 5, 2017. This unique show title, “Monhegan Mystique”, is derived from the artists' journey to the so-named small rocky island, ten miles from the nearest mainland in Maine, and scarcely a square mile in area. It is accessible only by boat and there are no cars or paved roads on the Island. The year-round population hasn’t exceeded 40 in recent years. For more than 100 years, Monhegan has been a summer haven for artists and other visitors who appreciate its isolation, the beauty of its wilderness areas, its quiet relaxed atmosphere, and its unhurried pace.

Paint World's End II.

Through a lottery, each artist was assigned a specific location on the World’s End peninsula at which the artist had to find inspiration for painting. All participating artists painted in the World’s End Reservation during June 1st thru June 3rd only. Each artist submitted along with each painting a reference photo of the view painted. Everyone is invited to stop by the Gallery to view the show and put down a bid. SILENT AUCTION of these paintings was a month-long silent auction, ending on June 30, 2017. South Street Gallery will donate 30% of gross proceeds from the sales of all artwork to The Trustees at World’s End. 

Conceptual Realism by Renée Caouette

Renée's exhibit opened on May 9, 2017 and public had three chance to meet Renée: at the opening reception, at her painting demonstration, and at her Artist Talk. During her Demo, she painted a still life painting from life in oils using the "alla prima" technique. Her Talk had a title "Networking, Artistic collaborations and synthesis of arts" and she worked together with her friend Simona Minns. Simona Minns presented her contemporary performance company "Syntheater", and discussed different ways of synthesizing diverse forms of artistic expression. Can a painting sing? Can a piece of music speak in colors and shapes? Can a dancer move based on mathematical equation? What are the commonalities between all the arts? These and more similar questions were brought up and discussed during Simona's presentation.

Page Pearson Railsback
New Works

Our April 2017 exhibit featured paintings of South Shore artist Page Pearson Railsback. There were many still lifes and a few water scenes in this show, as well as abstract work. All paintings were painted using mixed media: acrylic paints, oil sticks, charcoal and pastels. Page also performed a painting demonstration and talked about her process on the last day of her show, on May 7th, which was very well attended.

Dianne Panarelli Miller
"All New"

Our March 2017 exhibit featured paintings of Abington artist Dianne Panarelli Miller. The title says it all, this exhibit featured all new paintings which were painted within the last one year. Public had a chance to meet Dianne either at the opening reception on March 3, 2017 or at her painting demonstration on March 18, which was filmed by the Hingham TV, the video can be seen 'here'.

Gallery Artists Premier

Group exhibit of paintings by 12 Gallery Artists opened on February 10, 2017. Twelve Gallery Artists will be featured throughout the year to come. Every month, starting in March 2017,  one of the twelve Artists will display a grouping of new works on the Gallery Artists Wall.

Sue Charles
Theory of Shiny Things

Sue's very successful show opened on November 11, 2016. “Why do we like shiny things? It is my unscientific theory that in nature, the one very shiny thing is water, and for any animal, the ability to find water means survival, so we are drawn to shiny things from way way back. "

W. West Frazier Retrospective

From October 25 until November 10, 2016 we honored the work of the late W. West Frazier, a well-known artist in Maine. This exhibit featured 30 oil paintings of various sizes which were painted between 1953 and 2008. Frazier's son, Hingham resident, was present at the opening reception on October 28 to meet with people who were interested in his father’s works.

Paint World's End

All invited artists painted in the World's End Reservation in the end of September '16 and delivered still wet paintings for this show which opened on October 1, 2016. South Street Gallery donated 30% of gross proceeds from the sales of all artwork to The Trustees of Reservations. 

Paul Arsenault
A Hometown Painter’s Perspective of Favorite Harbors and Haunts

One of Hingham's favorite sons, artist Paul Arsenault, returned to his hometown for a show on September 9. Visitors had a chance that evening to meet Paul, see his local and New England paintings, and his book. As part of the exhibit, Paul gave a Talk the next day, on Saturday, September 10 when he shared his memories of growing up on the South Shore and his experiences as a traveling painter.  

Summer Paintings Show

This very summer show started on July 22, 2016, and featured paintings of various mediums, i.e. oil, watercolor, pastel, by many local and regional artists who captured the colors of summer with their paint brushes.

Jeremiah Eck
"Space and Light"

opened on June 10, 2016. Jeremiah Eck is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, a Partner of Eck|MacNeely Architects Inc. located in Boston, author of “The Distinctive Home: A Vision of Timeless Design” ,"The Face of Home", and “House in the Landscape: Siting Your Home Naturally” (which are for sale at our gallery). He is also a landscape painter and in 2013 was elected an exhibiting member at the Providence Art Club, the second oldest art organization in the United States. He is a former lecturer at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design where he continues to offer Professional Development Seminars on Houses.

Eli Cedrone
"Making a Mark"

Our 2016 May exhibit featured paintings of interiors, figures and landscapes by Stoughton artist Eli Cedrone. Cedrone works primarily in oils, and feels it's important to work from life. Contemporary Impressionism best describes her style.

The Poetry of Paint

 Hingham photographer and painter Michael Weymouth talked about his books, poetry, photography and art on
April 23.  Weymouth has captured his experience in the Maine woods in photos and poetry in a recently published book, THE GENTLE WHISPER OF LIVING THINGS. He is now working on a new book about his love of the controlled accidents that occur when pigment meets paper and canvas, and the poetry expressed therein: the poetry of paint. He showed photo examples from THE GENTLE WHISPER book and talked about the abstract and poetic vignettes that make up the pastiche and fabric of nature that we often overlook, because we are so busy taking in the big picture. The same holds true with painting. "More often than not,” says Weymouth, "we experience the entire painting and fail to see the beautiful and poetic language of the paint." Weymouth points to the energetic paint strokes of Van Gogh: seen out of context of the full and recognizable painting, the sense of urgency present in his paint strokes is as much a reflection of Van Gogh’s impressionistic interpretation as it is of his intense and impatient personality.

Peter Spataro Retrospective

For the month of April 2016, we honored the work of the late Peter Spataro, a well-known artist in this area, who was also a teacher in the Town of Hingham, and whose death had a profound impact on the artistic community. Click here to see the entire show.

Dianne Panarelli Miller
"All New"

Our March 2016 exhibit featured all new paintings of Abington artist Dianne Panarelli Miller. There were landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, still-lifes and portraits on display, which were painted within the last one year. Public had a chance to meet Dianne either at the opening reception on March 4, 2016 or at her painting demonstration on March 19.

Winter Studio

This exhibit featured paintings of eleven artists through invitation. The show’s focus were large format still-life paintings. The opening reception took place on February 5, 2016.

"Field to Finish"
Margaret McWethy and Ann M. Musto

This exhibit opened on November 14, 2015 and focused on the process of painting: there will be preliminary sketches and studies on display together with the final plein-air or studio paintings.

David Wells Roth
"From Sand to Bricks"

Exhibition of city scenes, landscapes and water scenes, and in-between, opened on October 24, 2015. David has lived and painted in many parts of the world, including New York City, Paris, and Boston.

Geoff Parker
"from West to East"

Renowned Wyoming painter Geoff Parker was the featured artist at the Gallery from October 1 to October 23, 2015. The Artist spent about a month on the east coast and was present at the opening reception on Saturday, October 3, from 5 to 8pm. This exhibit featured many new paintings, both western landscapes as well as New England and local landscapes; a few still-life paintings were on display, too.

The Water's Edge

The September '15 exhibit featured paintings by over forty local and regional plein-air artists who were asked to use their imagination while creating and painting new paintings with the theme ‘Water’s Edge’. The opening reception took place on September 12, 2015.

Preparation show

This very special and educational exhibit opened on June 1, 2015. It featured preliminary sketches in any medium that served as an early step in the preparation of a final plein-air (outdoors) or studio painting. Both the preliminary and final works were on display and available for sale. This show featured works of 11 Gallery Artists:  Robert Beaulieu, Eli Cedrone, Sue Charles, Frank Costantino, Margaret McWethy, Ann Musto, Dianne Panarelli Miller, Ann M. Murphy, Mary A. Smith, Vcevy Strekalovsky, Michael Weymouth.

Dennis Doyle & Chuck Sullivan

April 2015 exhibit will featured all new paintings of two artists: Dennis Doyle of Weymouth MA and Chuck Sullivan of Milton MA. Public had a chance to meet them at the artist reception on Saturday afternoon, April 11.

Dianne Panarelli Miller
"All New"

March 2015 exhibit featured all new paintings of Abington artist Dianne Panarelli Miller. Public had a chance to meet Dianne either at her painting demonstration on Saturday, March 14, or at the closing reception on Friday evening, March 27. South Street Gallery and the Artist offered a free raffle to have a portrait sketch painted at the Gallery on Saturday, March 14. The winner was drawn that day at 11am right before Dianne started painting, and then they were able to take it home or have it framed at the Gallery.

Mary A. Smith

Very snowy February 2015 exhibit of watercolor paintings by Mary A. Smith of Quincy, MA opened on February 6.

Ann M. Murphy

November 2014 exhibit of pastel, oil and watercolor paintings by Ann M. Murphy of Marshfield, MA. Ann says: “My paintings are impressions of found and imagined landscapes. I hope to share the magic sense of place in some of my favorite locations, while leaving something unsaid for the viewer's imagination.”

Page Railsback

Page's show opened on September 5, 2014 and it included new and older, small and large, acrylic paintings.

Dianne Panarelli Miller
"All New: A Little Bit of Everything"

The title of this exhibit says it all; there were landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, still-lifes and portraits on display, and to mention a few places – Hingham, Boston, Nantucket, Florida, Vermont, Italy. The exhibit opened on January 17, 2014. Dianne also offered portrait sketching for the public at the Gallery on one Saturday.

Ann M. Musto
"Contemporary Realism with Pallet Knife”

Ann's exhibit opened on November 1, 2013. Ann is an award winning, and very active south shore artist. She says: "My paintings are based on the relationship between light and color as I perceive it in landscapes, still life, and portraits/figures....

Paul Arsenault

One of Hingham's favorite sons, artist Paul Arsenault, returned to his hometown Saturday, September 28, 2013 for a show at South Street Gallery. The reception with his book signing took place from 4 to 7 pm. Visitors had the chance that afternoon to meet Paul Arsenault, see his newest paintings and purchase his new book published in 2012 "My Journey as a Painter".

Charles Movalli & Dale Ratcliff

Our 2013 summer exhibition featured works of two award-winning, renowned artists who are married to each other: Charles Movalli and Dale Ratcliff of Gloucester, MA.

"Around the Hub: Movalli's Boston"
Painting of Charles Movalli

Our June exhibit opened on May 31, 2013 and featured new, real-life paintings of Boston by Charles Movalli, whose paintings, completed over the winter, depicted actual Boston scenes of everyday life. “These won't be Boston Common and the usual picturesque images, but rather regular images – people walking down streets, men going to work, policemen on the corner, and a view from Southie.”

"Out West"

Our May '13 exhibit featured paintings of Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, California by local artists Eli Cedrone, Jack Hobbs, Jan McElhinny, Vcevy Strekalovsky, Michael Weymouth. And we also included ceramic art by Suzanne Hill which is inspired by the colors and landscape of the American Southwest. This exhibit was on display May 1-30, 2013.


Our April '13 exhibition featured works of five women, award-winning, acclaimed artists who work in pastel medium: Christine Bodnar, Ann M. Murphy and Donna Rossetti-Bailey of Marshfield, Eileen Casey of Sandwich, and Kim Morin Weineck of Attleboro. The exhibit was on display April 1-30, 2013. This was the very first time in all the 11 years that South Street Gallery featured only pastel artwork.

Old Colony Montessori School
50th anniversary art exhibit

This very colorful exhibit opened on March 22, 1013. The year of 2013 was an extremely special year for OCMS. To commemorate this 50th anniversary, all OCMS alumni, current families, community members and the south shore community-at-large were invited to attend this eagerly anticipated celebration of the collection of amazing artwork that has been created by OCMS students, past and present.

"Open Spaces"

This very special exhibit opened on February 1, 2013. 43 New England Artists painted fields, meadows and last farms to benefit the Massachusetts Audubon. Mass Audubon is one of the largest conservation organizations in New England, they work to protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and wildlife.

"One Size Fits All"
2012 Holiday Show

This show opened on November 30, 2012 and it showcased works of many local and regional artists. The focus of this show was to offer small paintings at prices that are effectively priced for Holiday presents, and it offered collectors of art an opportunity to purchase original work at an affordable price. All displayed paintings were 8”x10” and framed the same way - with a 2"gold frame.

Dianne Panarelli Miller
"All New 2012"

Dianne's show was on display October 1-31, 2012. Dianne has received many awards locally and nationally in the thirty years she has been painting and is represented in many fine galleries as well as in hundreds of private collections. She is well known on the South Shore . She is also a member of the Portrait Society of America and Oil Painters of America. She is comfortable doing portraits and landscapes as well as murals and cityscapes. Painting full time, she accepts the challenges each subject brings with excitement and vitality.

Jean Reardon Retrospective
"Full Bloom"

This exhibit opened on June 1, 2012. To view exhibited artwork and learn something about the Artist, please, visit: www.jeanreardon.com

Jack and Kate Dickerson
"Simply Grand"

This show opened on May 4, 2012 and the opening reception was very well attended because Jack and Kate used to live in Hingham so many people were happy to see them back in Hingham again. http://www.dickerson.com

small works & studies by Eli Cedrone

Our exhibit for the month of April 2012 featured small works & studies of Stoughton artist Eli Cedrone. Eli offered portrait and figure sketching for the public at the Gallery on Saturday, March 31. Eli Cedrone has spent her lifetime creating. A graduate of the School of Art & Design in Boston, she studied art in Italy and at the School of the MFA, Boston.

"10 for the 10th"

In celebration of 10 years of business - our 10th anniversary, this special exhibit opened on February 10, 2012. This show featured paintings by 10 artists: Paul Arsenault, Sue Charles, T.A. Charron, Ted Gentry, Jack Hobbs,
Dianne Panarelli Miller, Bill Scott, Diane Scott, Vcevy Strekalovsky and Michael Weymouth.

Lisa Daria Kennedy
"The Bigger Picture"

This show opened on December 9, 2011. Lisa, a young Hingham artist, originally from West Bridgewater, first studied commercial graphic design and journalism, and then continued with art studies at the Mass College of Art in Boston. "For over 900 days, I have been dedicated to the practice of painting every day. I'm a young adult cancer survivor so I have a persistence to make sure every day matters. For me, daily painting is a daily appreciation for living via the canvas.'

Alison Hill, Melanie Hill Preston, Suzanne Hill
oming Home - A Return to Our Roots in Hingham"

This exhibit opened on November 11, 2011 and featured works of three artists – sisters, originally from Hingham, MA, coming home to show their life's work: Alison Hill – plein-air painter, Melanie Hill Preston – jewelry designer and Suzanne Hill – ceramic artist. The Hill sisters grew up in Hingham, MA and lived here until their high school years.

Dianne Panarelli Miller
"All New This Year"

Dianne's show opened on October 7, 2011. Dianne has received many awards locally and nationally in the thirty years she has been painting and is represented in many fine galleries as well as in hundreds of private collections.
She is well known on the South Shore . She is also a member of the Portrait Society of America and Oil Painters of America. She is comfortable doing portraits and landscapes as well as murals and cityscapes. Painting full time, she accepts the challenges each subject brings with excitement and vitality.

Priscilla Levesque

Priscilla's exhibit opened on September 9, 2011. In most of Priscilla's paintings, she blocks in large areas with watercolor, then works over them with casein to strengthen color and develop texture.

John Leo Loughlin (1931-2004)

This exhibit was arranged with John's wife Elsa, and their good friend and artist Paul Goodnow. There were 40 pieces on display, mostly oil paintings of various sizes, and about 10 watercolor paintings. His works are limited; this was the first opportunity to see this much available in one place. This exhibit opened on June 18, 2011.

Gallery Collection
exhibit & sale of artwork both by living and deceased artists

This special exhibit opened on May 14, 2011, and it featured artwork by local and nationally recognized and historically important artists, some from Hingham. Some of these pieces of art have never been publically shown.

Patricia Burson
"A New Leaf"

Patricia's show opened on April 8, 2011. "The tree, once the incidental in the background of her paintings, is now the portrait itself, the figure about to leap off the canvas, the one that engages our attention. Her dramatic perspective is from the ground up and she captures the essential point where trunk meets branches, neither showing the tree neither attached to the ground nor reaching an end point in the sky. Burson's trees exist free in space and yet are rooted stolid sentries, outsized in dimension and power. Burson paints them again and again, a tribe of giants, spirits among us to be revered." – Ruth Rosner

Alexander Korman
"Four Seasons en plein air"

This exhibit opened on March 11, 2011. Alexander Korman, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, is able to bring the finest nuances of surrounding nature and human features alive on canvas.

New Works of Four South Shore Artists

This exhibit started on February 1, 2011 and it featured new paintings by Sue Charles, Dianne Panarelli Miller, Page Railsback and Vcevy Strekalovsky.

Diane Scott
"At Work, At Play, And Every Which Way"

Diane's show opened on November 12, 2010. Diane Scott, longtime Hingham resident, now living in Chatham, New Hampshire, has worked as a professional oil painter for the last 15 years, with a hobbyist devotion for many years prior. She primarily works in oil in the plein-air style, envisioning local landscapes.

Paint the Centre

This exhibition featured paintings of picturesque scenes of Hingham Centre by many local and regional plein-air artists. The artists captured the character of the Centre on Thursday Sept. 23, on Friday Sept. 24 and on Saturday Sept. 25 and then they submitted their paintings to the South Street Gallery for the opening event which took place on Saturday, September 25.

"The Creative Process"
illustrations & furniture by Ken Dubrowski

Ken's unique exhibition openend on June 5, 2010. Ken began his career 20 years ago as a freelance, professional illustrator with his work appearing in many publications. Today, Ken's studio has evolved into a modern “renaissance” studio. Ken designs, builds and promotes a unique collection of hand-made furniture and custom designed pieces.

Michael Weymouth
"From the Maine Coast to the Grand Canal"

Michael's solo exhibition opened on May 7, 2010 and was very succesful. These days Mike remains semi-active in his graphic design firm, but is able to devote much more time to painting oils and watercolors.

"3 Friends: Home & Away"
paintings by Ted Gentry, Jack Hobbs, Bill Scott

Again, this very successful show, for the 2nd time, featured recent works of artists Ted Gentry, Jack Hobbs and Bill Scott, all residents of Hingham, MA, and it opened on April 9, 2010.

Dianne Panarelli Miller

Dianne's solo exhibition opened on January 29, 2010. Dianne has received many awards locally and nationally in the thirty years she has been painting and is represented in many fine galleries as well as in hundreds of private collections.

Andrew Orr

Andrew's Orr show opened on November 6, 2009. Andrew Orr combines impressionism and touches of realism to create paintings that reflect his love of nature and beauty. His paintings are direct and rich, with clear color, expressing his passion for light and life.

Jack and Karen Winslow

The Winslow show opened on October 9, 2009. Jack and Karen Winslow have been painting side-by-side since 1973, when they began studying oil painting with Frank Mason at the Art Students League of New York and in Frank's landscape workshops in Vermont . In 1979, they moved to Vermont and established the Winslow Art Studio. For the past thirty years, they have been producing and selling their paintings through various galleries, and raising their 5 children.

Alexander Korman

Alex's exhibit opened on June 26.2009. He is a renowned en plein air artist, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, whose art combines the precision of Russian academism with freedom of expression of Postimpressionism.

Paul McMahan

Paul's solo exhibit opened on May 30, 2009. Paul McMahan is an accomplished architectural illustrator and prize winning artist.  His watercolors have been included in many local shows as well as selected for inclusion in the  New England Watercolor Society's annual exhibitions. 

Jack Dickerson
"A Walk at World's End"

Jack's solo exhibit opened on May 1, 2009. Jack's bold use of color, and his interpretations of light, shadow and reflections convey an uplifting mix of vitality and calm. "There is extreme power in Jack's work, yet a delicacy that leaves the heart yearning and sometimes pounding.... "

Tatiana Yanovskaya
"Essence of Color"

Tatiana's solo exhibit opened on April 3, 2009. This show is called “Essence of Color” and reveals Tatiana's latest intense study to paint floral still-lifes by studying the color saturations, temperature and shapes of various flowers and green leaves.

"Produce Art"

The opening reception of this special exhibit took place on March 7, 2009. 30 local and regional artists used their imagination and produced art which could be art for the kitchen or about the kitchen. We received 48 paintings for this exhibit.

Portrait & Figure Sketching From Life

The exhibit featured portrait and figure sketches and paintings by six South Shore artists. On two Saturday afternoons, February 7 and February 28, 2009 the artists offered portrait and figure sketching for the public at the Gallery. Visitors were encouraged to chat with the artists, view the exhibited work, and pose for a quick sketch or painting, with an option, but no obligation, to purchase the result. The cost of the work started at $75. Sketches were done in pencil, charcoal, or oil paint. 

Frank M. Costantino
"Perspective & Plein Air"
Illustrations of Architecture and Watercolors of Places

The opening event took place on November 14, 2008. On Saturday, November 22, Frank offered a lecture at our Gallery called Viewpoints for Design - Image Making for Architecture.Frank Costantino, an award-winning architectural illustrator for thirty-five years in his hometown of Winthrop MA , is also an accomplished watercolor painter. Not only has he provided his national clientele of architects and developers with illustrations of various projects around the world, but he also paints his own vision of Boston 's urban scenes, N.E. locales, seascapes, birds, animals, and portraits, among other interests.

Kathy Ferrara & Nancy Gaucher-Thomas
"The Mastery of Watercolor"

Kathy and Nancy's show opened on October 17, 2008. Kathy's style is rich in color and depth, with impeccable attention to detail. Skills developed in the commercial field have enabled her to draw with precision, yet paint with a soft elegance, drawing you into her paintings, visually wetting the appetite. A signature member of the National Watercolor Society Nancy is a sought after instructor and juror, and has served on juries of selection and awards for many organizations.

Paint South Shore Boats

This unique and beautiful exhibit started on October 3, 2008 and featured paintings of various coastal scenes with boats of the South Shore by many local and regional plein-air artists. Artists captured the beauty of a boat in the water or stored in a boatyard and then they submitted their paintings to the South Street Gallery.

Priscilla Levesque
"Painting Outside"

Priscilla's show started on September 12, 2008. In recent years, Priscilla has won several awards in juried shows, including a Best in Show award in the Falmouth Artists Guild 2007 Summer Juried Show. She has received grants from the John Kittredge Fund in 2006 and from Change Inc. in 2007. Priscilla accepts commission work and specializes in house portraits. Also, she teaches at the Cataumet Arts Center , the Falmouth Community School and at her own studio.

Portrait Show

Would you like to own a portrait of Your House? of Your Pet? of Yourself? Come and see our Portrait Show!
This unique exhibit started on May 31, 2008 where interested parties could view and purchase exhibited artwork or inquire about possible commissions. There were examples of portraits of houses, portraits of pets, and portraits of people. There was a wide variety of painting styles, sizes and mediums to choose from. There were oil, watercolor and charcoal drawings on display. Artists participating in this show were all local: Robert Beaulieu, Joan Brancale, Debbie Burnham, Eli Cedrone, Cheryl Dunlap, Mary Felton, Lisa Johnson, Priscilla Levesque, Jeanne MacFarland, Dianne Panarelli Miller, Karl Nestelberger, Diane Scott, Vcevy Strekalovsky and Marjorie Whorf, Tatiana Yanovskaya.

Christopher Magadini

Chris's show started on May 2, 2008. Magadini's style could be called Contemporary Impressionism although the pastoral quality of his work recalls the naturalism of 19th Century American Landscape Painting. An incredible technician, Magadini is a skilled painter who has synthesized characteristics of these movements—and has even drawn from abstraction—to create his own style where the power of nature to stir the human spirit becomes paramount.

Nancy Sargent Howell
"Celebrate Spring"

Nancy's show opened on April 11, 2008. Although much of Nancy 's work is done outdoors, she uses the information that she gathers for plein air paintings to develop studio work that has a more abstract quality. She often uses a method of glazing her work that she calls "prisming". "I don't know where the ideas come from", she says, "but after I had been doing it for awhile, I realized that, as a child, I loved cubist paintings and I've always loved jig-saw puzzles." Her prismed work clearly breaks up already existing patterns while also tying shapes together to form unified areas.

Maureen K. Brookfield
"From Brush to Paper"

Maureen's show opened on March 21, 2008. “I have been painting exclusively in watercolor for 25 years. As an artist my goal is to capture the power of color, influenced by light and atmosphere, and put down on that bright white paper. I love the spontaneity of watercolor with its beautiful transparency and juicy color. Laying down those first washes is still so exciting for me, whether landscape, seascape, cityscape or still life, the reward is infinite”.

Hal DeWaltoff
"North Country" scenes of New England

Hal DeWaltoff's show opened on February 29, 2008. He reveres the work of the Hudson River School, the Tonalists and a number of modern painters who have inspired him. The essence of his enthusiastic approach to the difficult task of making a good painting is the joy of standing in front of nature and experiencing the risk and thrill of trying to capture its beauty.

Mary A. Smith
"Evidence of Life"

Mary's solo show opened on November 16, 2007. "I am always working on the same thing: landscapes that show the changes in color that take place in different seasons, or the light and impressions of movement in a space. I want to grab that special moment: the one that comes along and makes you stop dead in your tracks --- and then makes you glad you can see."

Jane Flavell Collins
"Water, Water Everywhere"

Jane's solo show opened on October 26, 2007. Jane executes realistic paintings of both landscape and still life. A native of New England , she works in all mediums but is mostly involved in oils and acrylics. She graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and subsequently received a Master of Arts degree during a year of study in Florence, Italy.

Rob Brooks

Rob's show opened on October 5, 2007. Educated at the Art Institute of Boston, fine artist Rob Brooks is a contemporary American painter who brings Social Realism back to the forefront. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1962, Rob has been a full time professional artist for 23 years.

Flag Paintings

This exhibit featured paintings that capture the spirit of Old Glory by many local and regional plein-air artists. In keeping with the flavor of the 4th of July, the South Street Gallery sponsored this painting plein-air event. The opening event took place on July 6, 2007. "Let's show our patriotism and celebrate the American spirit by honoring our most important symbol of freedom!"

Paint Hingham Gardens

This spring exhibit featured paintings of spring scenes of Hingham Gardens by many local and regional plein-air artists. The opening event took place on June 15, 2007.

Robert Beaulieu
"Building Reflections"

Robert's show opened on May 18, 2007. Many of Robert's oil paintings are of cityscapes and buildings throughout Boston , Hingham and Cohasset. Combining the style of photographic realism, and the loose painterly style of Edward Hooper, his work portrays a very realistic dimension, yet retains a very "painterly" approach. A number of his plein-air paintings of marshes of the South Shore reflect this same approach.

John McConnell
"Seen and Unseen"

John McConnell's show opened on April 27, 2007. A practicing architect, John has devoted himself to oil painting since 1990, specializing in traditional landscape painting. he developed his love of late 19th century American "Brown School", Luminist and Tonalist landscape painters, such as George Inness and Alexander Wyant.

"Flowers & Other Still Lifes by Charles Sovek"

Our Gallery opened an exhibit featuring newest works of renowned artist Charles Sovek on March 9, 2007. Sovek, an internationally known and popular award-winning artist, is recognized for his plein air style of painting. Sovek has an extensive exhibition history, garnered numerous awards and prizes and has been involved with many of the leading art organizations around the country.

Ted Gentry, Jack Hobbs & Bill Scott
"3 Friends & Their Travels"

This very successful show featured recent works of artists Ted Gentry, Jack Hobbs and Bill Scott, all residents of Hingham, MA, and it opened on March 9, 2007. Everyone had a chance to meet and talk with the artists in person on the opening reception, amidst a festive atmosphere of music, good company, and refreshments.

Portrait Demonstrations

The entire month of February 2007 was filled with portrait painting demonstrations by South Shore artists. Everyone was encouraged to attend to have a chance to speak to the artists in person and watch them paint a live model. The exhibit featured the newest works of these artists, mostly portraits, some landscapes and still-lifes painted in oil.

Collectors Art
paintings by late 19th and early 20th century artists

The South Street Gallery, in association with Arthur T. Garrity Jr. had a special exhibit & sale of artwork by deceased artists on January 11, 2007.
Beginning / Advanced Art Collectors / Investors were encouraged to view this artwork by many nationally recognized and historically important artists, some from Hingham.

Priscilla Levesque
"On Location"

Priscilla Levesque's show opened on November 17, 2006.
"I have been involved in art for about as long as I can remember, and it is now the focus of most of my time and energy. My main interest is, and always has been, painting outdoors, observing nuances of light, atmosphere, weather and the seasons."

Vcevy Stekalovsky & Michael Weymouth
"45 Years Later"

This exhibit featured the works of artists Vcevy Strekalovsky and Michael Weymouth, both residents of Hingham. It ran from October 27 until November 16, 2006. The artists' reception took place at the Gallery on November 3. Vcevy is a principal in the firm of Strekalovsky Architecture Inc., located in Hingham, MA. Michael Weymouth was born and raised in Maine . He graduated from the New England School of Art in Boston in 1963 and formed Weymouth Design ten years later. Mike oversaw the growth of Weymouth Design from a one-man design studio to a 30-plus employee firm, which today specializes in graphic as well as web design. Mike has been a photographer as well as a designer and still shoots much of the firm's photography. During the past 45 years, Mike has been an occasional weekend painter and has only recently begun to devote more time to painting. This is the first official showing of his work, which consists mainly of watercolors and oils of subjects that include the Maine coast, Tuscany and World's End.

Hingham Arts Walk on October 22, 2006

This was an unusual opportunity to enjoy the arts on a Sunday afternoon in historic downtown Hingham. You could stroll through Hingham’s downtown, meet artists in their studios, appreciate hand crafted merchandise in downtown shops, meet the artisans, see demonstrations, mingle with neighbors and enjoy live music. There were four South Shore artists demonstrating painting styles - plein-air and still-lifes : Joan Brancale, Serena Brundige, Eli Cedrone, Sue Charles.

Jeremiah Eck
"Seasons of Light"

Jeremiah Eck's exhibit opened on October 6, 2006. Eck, who describes his landscape canvases as “about light and space, just like architecture,” is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, a Partner of Eck|MacNeely Architects Inc. located in Boston, author of “The Distinctive Home: A Vision of Timeless Design” and "The Face of Home." He is a former lecturer at Harvard University 's Graduate School of Design where he continues to offer Professional Development Seminars on Houses.

"Coastal Visions" by Morgan Davis and Hal DeWaltoff

Artists Morgan Davis of Quincy, MA and Hal DeWaltoff of Cataumet, MA opened their "Coastal Visions" exhibit on June 16, 2006.
Morgan Davis, a native of Boston, MA, has had a passion for drawing and painting since childhood. She has devoted most of her life developing her powers of intense analytical observation and has strengthened her artistic interpretative prowess by studying with various professional oil painters throughout New England.
Hal DeWaltoff is originally from Hingham, MA. He discovered the joy and challenge of putting paint to canvas relatively late in life, after having spent many years in the marketing and product development arena-- ultimately serving as an officer of three public companies. DeWaltoff said of his late start, “I think I've always been a painter; I just took a leisurely approach in getting started!”

Charles Sovek
"Small Gems from Here and There"

Our Gallery opened an exhibit featuring the works of renowned artist Charles Sovek on May 26, 2006. Public was invited to meet the Artist and attend his painting demonstration on June 9, and enter raffle for the fresh painting. There was a small fee to enter the raffle; funds raised went toward defraying the cost of a scholarship for a painting workshop to be facilitated by Sovek later this year at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham, MA.
Sovek, an internationally known and popular award-winning artist, is recognized for his plein air style of painting. Sovek has an extensive exhibition history, garnered numerous awards and prizes and has been involved with many of the leading art organizations around the country. Widely traveled, he has painted, exhibited, conducted workshops and judged shows through out United States, Canada, Mexico and numerous countries abroad. Charles Sovek's paintings are represented in countless private, corporate and museum collections.

Jack Dickerson
"Shadows and Reflections"

Distinguished Hingham artist Jack Dickerson came to our Gallery on May 5, 2006.
Dickerson paints what he feels, in his own way, without concern about traditional styles, techniques and color palettes. In preparation for some of his larger paintings he carefully examines his subject with large-scale graphite drawings, working them until his own sense of composition, juxtapositions, and energy emerge. His paintings evolve, coming together with distinct color palettes and lighting that convey vitality and motion. His diversity in styles is not surprising as he constantly searches for more meaningful ways to express what he sees and feels.

Paint Your Pet

South Street Gallery of Hingham, MA held a special exhibition and sale of paintings to benefit the New England Wildlife Center which opened on April 28, 2006. Local and regional New England artists produced paintings of wildlife and pets. This very special event was a chance for art lovers and animal lovers alike to enjoy fine art for a good cause.

Eric Tobin & Malcolm DuBois
“Idyllic: Hills and Fields of Vermont ”

Artists Eric Tobin of Johnson, VT and Malcolm DuBois of Burlington, VT. came to our Gallery with their beautiful paintings of Vermonts scenes on March 31, 2006. A full-time artist Eric Tobin is a mostly self-taught artist who has been interested in painting since childhood. He was given his first paint set at the age of 12 by Tom Curtin, a well-respected landscape painter from Cambridge , VT. Since then, he has studied with a number of artists. Malcolm DuBois is also a predominately self-taught artist. But he began intensive studies with master painters of various disciplines in Colorado in 1993.

Marjorie Osborne Whorf & Tatiana Yanovskaya

Marjorie Osborne Whorf of Hingham, MA and Tatiana Yanovskaya of Quincy, MA had a wonderful three-week exhibit at your Gallery which opened on March 10, 2006. Ms. Whorf has a notable background in painting and the arts, beginning her studies drawing from the model at the Mass College of Art while a high school student in Boston. Tatiana was born in Ukraine. Throughout her school years she was exposed to the paintings of the greatest Russian and Ukrainian traditional artists. In primary and secondary school she took basic courses in drawing and design in the local art schools and art associations.

Doug Rugh & Hillary Osborn
The Art of Marriage: Acclaimed Artist Couple

Doug Rugh and Hillary Osborn are married to each other and work together as plein air artists. Hillary grew up on the Cape and was educated in North Carolina . Doug traveled around because his parents were in the foreign services- he lived in Middle East but his parents had a summer house in Falmouth . They met and started dating by joining an artists' guild in Falmouth, and now they live in Pocasset and work together in Cataumet, both on the Cape, and recently had a baby girl. Their art is beautiful and of very high quality. Their show opened on February 17, 2006.

Eli Cedrone

Her solo show was a masterful body of work with much variety. Her landscapes, figure studies, portraits, narratives, and nudes were on display from January 27 to February 16, 2006. The artist graced the gallery with her presence at the opening and spoke to guests about her work.

Winter Scenes 2006

South Street Gallery presented “Winter Scenes”, an exhibition and sale of new paintings by nationally-known, award-winning New England artists Joan Brancale, Hal DeWaltoff, Barbara Lussier, Dianne Panarelli Miller, Stefan Pastuhov and Ronald Tinney. The paintings were on display from Tuesday, January 3 to Thursday, January 26, 2006.

Sue Charles

A solo show featuring about 30 of the works of Susan B. Charles of Marshfield, MA ran at the gallery from November 18 to December 1, 2005. Her airy landscapes were adored, and her sense of color and composition was applauded. She tried to convey the interconnectedness of nature, "...how water meets marsh and marsh meets sky and sky receives light and yet they are all part of a whole."

Ernest Principato

South Street Gallery opened an exhibit featuring works of Ernest Principato of North Kingstown, RI on Friday, October 28, 2005. Ernest was on hand at the event opening, where the public had the opportunity to meet with him. Ernest Principato paints in the impressionist style, and his paintings show a beatutiful sense of light. The exhibit featured over 30 works. "My artistic vision is to maintain my first impressions so I can capture the freshness of the moment on canvas."

Marty Ulman

Our Gallery opened an exhibit of sculptor Marty Ulman's works on June 24, 2005. Marty was on hand at the event opening, where the public had the opportunity to meet with him. The exhibit featured two series of the artist's latest works; sculptures created from found objects, otherwise knows as “junk sculpture”. The first series includes historical representations of boats through different time periods. The second has a religious flavor, with several interpretations of the Crucifixion. Each of the works was sculpted within the last few years. The sculptures range from table size at 2' – 3', and some freestanding up to 4' wide to 6' in height.

T. A. Charron

The South Street Gallery opened an exhibit featuring the works of regional artist T.A. Charron on June 10, 2005.
Charron was on hand at the event opening, where the public will had the opportunity to meet with him. The exhibit featured about 30 of the artist's latest works, in the oil medium. Paintings created in the “plein air” style from all over New England , New York , Maine , Cape Cod , Rhode Island and Hingham were on display. Each of the works was painted within the last 3 years. The paintings range from 8” x 10” to 24” x 36” in size.
“I am looking forward to this exhibit as it is close to my hometown of South Attleboro ,” said Charron, “For the last 10 years I have worked professionally, creating thousands of paintings.”

Yves Parent

The display of Yves Parent's paintings opened on May 27, 2005.
The exhibit featured about 30 of the artist's latest works, both in the watercolor and oil mediums. A theme of local shoreline seascapes prevailed from the towns of Hingham , Scituate and Cohasset. There, he has painted in the plein air style for at least the last year, some on site, and others worked in sketch and later painted in his studio at home in Connecticut.
“I find myself following much in the steps of Alfred Thomas Bricher, a circa 1900's New England artist,” said Parent, “It will be interesting to see how local residents view my impression of the land they live near. I'm grateful for Jack Hobbs invitation to exhibit my work at the South Street Gallery.”

Ted Gentry

Artist Ted Gentry came to our Gallery with his 45 painting on May 13, 2005. Gentry, a Hingham resident who first discovered his love of painting during his school days in Marshfield , has been painting for the last ten years. Although his background was in Civil Engineering (he earned his degree from Northeastern), he took art electives wherever he could and has further his craft with workshops conducted by well-known artists including Charles Sovek. He has also painted with Charles Movalli and with Jack Hobbs.
His style follows the plein aire method in part, with a concentration on landscapes and alla prima still lifes. His work is also based on study sketches and from photographs.

Judith Mehring

Mehring, a well-traveled artist who has been a part of the south shore community for many years brought her talents to us from her studio located here in Hingham on April 29, 2005.
Judith Mehring, studied art at Indiana University during the era of abstract expressionism. Inspired by Impressionists and artists who have carried on that tradition of art, she has taken many workshops and has also studied in France . Beginning as a watercolorist, the last ten years she primarily has been painting in oil, focusing on Impressionist landscape, seascape, architecture and still life. Her talents have allowed her to present a scene in a way that will open the eyes of the viewer, allowing for colors, shapes and atmosphere to be more relative.

Diane Scott

The display of Diane Scott's paintings opened to the public at the Gallery on April 8, 2005.
A Hingham resident for the last 9 years, Scott is a near lifelong native of Winnipeg , Manitoba .
Scott has worked as a professional oil painter for the last 10 years, with a hobbyist devotion for many years prior. She primarily works in oil in the plein air (on site) style, envisioning local landscapes. Her paintings lend to the smaller scale, usually canvas or linen on board. “A tiny jewel of a painting can be just as powerful as a large mural,” said Scott, “I like the intimate scale. I even lean towards collecting small art myself.”
In style, Scott prefers a looser, slightly unfinished look to her work, as opposed to a slick "photorealist" one. “I consider my work to be a bit of a record of my recent life. I'm not focused on the marketing aspect of art, I just have to paint, so that is what I devote my time to.”

Eric Tobin

The South Street Gallery hosted Eric Tobin's two week exhibit which opened on March 25, 2005.
Eric Tobin loves to paint outdoors. Direct from nature, where he can find the light, and see things painting in the studio just can't provide. "I enjoy painting in rural areas such as Cambridge and Johnson, VT, where I have lived most of my life," Eric says. "I try to capture the landscape as I see it, to get the feeling of the place, the way the light plays on different objects, the time of day and the season of the year. By painting directly outdoors, you see things that you would miss from a photograph. I particularly like painting in the winter, spring and fall."

Page Railsback

The South Street Gallery hosted Page Railback's three week exhibit which opened on January 21, 2005.
Railsback, a resident of the south shore community for many years, recently moved from Marshfield to Hingham , where she now has a new studio called North Street Studio, steps away from the South Street Gallery.
Active with the North River Arts Society, last year she received the “Best Show” award for her painting, “The Tribute.” In addition, she has received “Best in Oil” from the Pembroke Arts as well as an honorable mention from the North River Arts.

Ronald Tinney

The Gallery hosted an exhibit of works by Ronald Tinney. The opening exhibit will took place on December 17.
Tinney is most famous for his paintings of local landscapes, boats and waterfronts.
Born in 1958 in Pottstown , Pennsylvania Ronald Tinney attended Penn State University , where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1980. He continued his education at Ohio Northern University Law School , where he earned his Juris Doctor degree in 1983.
Ron and his wife Sherry moved to Cape Cod in 1996, where he discovered the thriving art community of the Cape and Islands. He works on location year round, sketching and painting en plein air. He studied with Donald Demers, Robert Douglas Hunter, Arnold Desmarais, Joseph McGurl, Gregg Kreutz, William Davis and Sergio Roffo.
Ron was the President and Director of the Cape Cod Art Association for 2003. He is a Juried Artist Member of the Cape Cod Art Association, a member of the American Society of Marine Artists, Mystic Art Association, Provincetown Art Association, and The Creative Arts Center in Chatham, MA.

Charles Sovek

Our gallery opened an exhibit featuring the works of renowned artist Charles Sovek on November 12, 2004.
Sovek was on hand at the opening night where the public hd the opportunity to meet with him. The exhibit ran through the end of November and featured 46 of the artist's latest works. Sovek is nationally recognized for his plein air style of painting.
An internationally known and popular award-winning artist, Charles Sovek began painting in 1956, when he had the privilege of beginning a ten-year stint of art education. The schools he studied at include The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and The Art Student's League of New York.

Isle au Haut

Our Gallery hosted a unique “ Isle Au Haut ” show, offering the recent paintings of a local traveling group of artists,
On October 29, 2004, a display of the compiled paintings of 5 New England artists' weeklong tour were available for viewing or purchase. The artists were available to answer questions at the event.
The unique show title, “ Isle Au Haut ” is derived from the artist's recent journey to the so-named island, 7 miles off the coast of Maine in Penabscot Bay . With more than half of its area included in Acadia National Park , the remote location exists without shops or restaurants. The natural beauty of the area makes it a draw for many artists.
Jack Hobbs, Bonnie Hobbs and Vcevy Strekalovsky of Hingham , and Stefan Pastuhov of Stockton Springs , Maine visited the island for a painting session. During their two-week stay, they joined forces with island artist and resident Nancy Calvert, relying on her knowledge of the terrain for selecting appropriate locations to paint.
Pastuhov stated, "I try to capture the day on canvas. If it's cloudy, that's the image that I will capture. I look to create the mood of the day." After a week, the group came away with an impressive collection of paintings, creating a unique anthology for the public.
Hobbs , a Hingham resident and the owner of South Street Gallery, founded the gallery to bring more art and artists to the South Shore . Recently, he painted with artist Charles Sovek, and their work together was part of a Public Broadcasting System series.
Calvert noted, “The results were amazing, at day's end, to see the different perceptions of each artist's view of the same landscape.” She added, “You can get a real feel for the weather and atmosphere of the moment in these paintings.” The group painted at locations on the island including a foggy day at Western Head, a high cliff overlooking the ocean vista; Isle Au Haut Thoroughfare, the main entrance to the island; Kennedy's Field boat house and Bulls Eye daysailer; Calvert's shore with a view of Moxie Island; and much more.

Ros Farbush

The display of Ros's paintings opened to the public on October 9, 2004.
Ros is a graduate of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where she also taught drawing and painting for over thirty years. Early in her career, Ros taught gifted students in Boston public schools and in the city's MFA program for many years. More recently, she has taught drawing and painting at The South Shore Art Association, The Duxbury Art Association, and The Cape Cod Art Association. Ros is also a member of prestigious Copley Society, the oldest art association in America , where she holds the title of Master Painter.
Ros' work is exhibited at the Josh Kligerman Gallery in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico ; La Galleria Uno in Puerto Vallerta , Mexico ; the Judy Rotenberg Gallery in Boston , and the Powers Gallery in Acton , MA . The recipient of numerous local and national art awards, Ros has held dozens of solo and juried group exhibitions during her distinguished career.

Hal DeWaltoff

The exhibit of DeWaltoff's paintings opened on September 12, 2004. Visitors had the chance to meet the artist in person and see his newest paintings.
DeWaltoff, who resides on Cape Cod, is originally from Hingham, MA. He discovered the joy and challenge of putting paint to canvas relatively late in life, after spending many years in marketing and product development and ultimately serving as an officer of three public companies. DeWaltoff said of his late start, “I think I've always been a painter; I just took a leisurely approach in getting started!”
Largely self-taught, he has benefited from a netw ork of artist friends and colleagues. His friendship with landscape painter Joseph McGurl has allowed him not only to see a great master at work , but paint along side him as well . Hal considers Joe to be by far his major influence and teacher.
DeWaltoff, a plein-aire artist, has also studied such great masters as Sargent, Bunker, and Hopper; he has also been greatly influenced and educated by the paintings and writings of such greats as Emile Gruppe, Edgar Payne, Harry Ballinger and John F. Carlson. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors at the Cataumet Arts Center .

Demonstration by Gloucester painter Charles Movalli - What makes a good painting?

Our Gallery hosted a composition lecture by renowned artist Charles Movalli of Gloucester on June 26, 2004. He tied the techniques to the famous group of painters known as the “Old Cape Ann School ”, including Aldro Hibbard, Lester Stevens, Carl Peters and Emile Gruppe. Movalli used simple charcoal drawing to enhance his “chalk talk” format for showing visitors how they can incorporate the methods into their own work.
Movalli, also a PhD in English, uses dramatic brushwork in his paintings to capture the essence of a scene. Considered one of Cape Ann's best-known painters and teachers, Movalli's work is electric with movement, color, and vibrant light. A student of Emile Gruppe, Movalli has received more than 50 awards for his vibrant work. Though he has traveled, taught and painted around the world, he has maintained a lifelong residence in Gloucester . He is also a contributing editor for American Artist Magazine and has a number of books on art in print.
This event was the third event in lecture series.

Painting demonstration by artist Joan Brancale

On April 24, 2004 Brancale demonstrated her unique painting techniques to the public. Completed paintings were on display for viewing or purchase.
After many years as a theatrical set designer, scenic artist and teacher, Brancale has returned to her passion for oil painting. Known especially for her landscape, still-life and portrait paintings, she is often sought for advice on her interesting technique and vision.
At the event, Joan set up a still life in the “alla prima” style, meaning painting directly in one setting, in this case in the oil medium. Joan paints in the realist tradition and strives for fresh immediacy in her work.
“ I wanted to paint from life, not just draw from research - appreciating the opportunity to really look and absorb what catches my eye. Whatever ‘hits me', the odd moment, a quaint scene or dramatic vista...I find significance and paint with relish,” said Brancale.

Stefan Pastuhov

Exhibit of Pastuhov's plein-air paintings opened on March 12, 2004.
He was born in 1953 and grew up in Massachusetts and has lived in Maine for seventeen years. He is a plein air painter who loves the outdoors and paints outside year round. For the last 14 years, he has devoted his fulltime efforts to his painting. "I try to capture the day on canvas," he said, noting, "If it's cloudy, that's the image that I will capture. I look to create the mood of the day." The beautiful seasonal changes in light appeal to him, and he captures this change on canvas. He has shown his work in many galleries in Maine , Vermont , Massachusetts , Virginia and New Jersey . His paintings of outdoor scenes have twice appeared on the cover of L.L. Bean catalogs, reaching an audience of more than 6 million .

Dianne Panarelli Miller & Hillary Osborn
"In Between: from Boston to the Cape"

Two women show opening on January 23, 2004, the artists  Dianne Panarelli Miller from Abington, a Boston based painter, and Hillary Osborn from Pocasset, a native of Cape Cod.
Hilary Osborn has received countless awards for her landscape paintings dating as far back as 1983. She is currently living in Pocasset, MA and works at her studio at the Cataumet Arts Center.
Dianne Panarelli Miller is a Boston based “Plein Air Painter” of color and light. She has received many awards locally and nationally and is represented in many fine galleries as well as in over 100 private collections. She is currently teaching landscape and portrait classes at local art associations and has a studio at home.

Paul Arsenault

One of Hingham 's favorite sons, artist Paul Arsenault, returned to his hometown October 17, 2003 for a show at our Gallery. The visitors had the chance that evening to meet Paul and see his newest paintings.
This was the first time that the Hingham native had had a hometown art show since 1977.  Hingham residents who have followed his career, which has taken him to all corners of the globe, recalled that his talent was first recognized at the age of 16 when he won the Frank Vining Smith Award, competing with a number of adult painters.

The Illustrators' Art
   Books For Children

Five children's book illustrators showed the original art of their children's book illustrations at our gallery. There were some reproduction prints for sale as well. The opening night was on June 13, 2003. These original works of art are the basis of the illustrations appearing in children's books such as Laurie Brown's “The Vegetable Show”, Janet Marshall's “Barnyard Tracks”, Joan Drescher's “On Wings of Light”, Marcia Sewall's “The Pilgrims of Plimoth” and Lynn Rizzotto's work in Sesame Street Magazine, Jack and Jill Magazine and much more. Each of the five illustrators has a distinctive style and approach to the development of their artwork. Children were encouraged to accompany their parents to experience “art as illustration” anytime throughout the length of the show.

Strekalovsky & DeWaltoff

Vcevy Strekalovsky from Hingham and Hal DeWaltoff from Cataumet came to our gallery with 46 paintings on May 16, 2003 . 
A third generation painter of Russian heritage, Vcevy graduated from Middlebury College in 1960 where he studied with noted Vermont watercolor artist K.D. Healy. In 1963 he received a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania . He has since studied painting with John Kilroy in Marshfield , Mass. and Carolyn Anderson at the Fechin Institute in Taos , New Mexico . Vcevy is a principal in the firm of Strekalovsky Hoit Raymond Architects in Hingham , Mass.
Hal Dewaltoff discovered the joy and challenge of putting paint to canvas relatively late in life, after having spent many years in the marketing and product development arena – ultimately serving as an officer of three public companies. “I think I've always been a painter; I just took a leisurely approach in getting started!” Largely self-taught, he has also greatly benefited from the supportive network of artist friends and colleagues.

Chuck Sullivan

a Milton resident, showed his paintings at our gallery on April 4, 2003.  Chuck started painting five years before at age 43. “I think it is important that we continue to grow as we get older and I think it is possible to find something that we really love to do. Painting has become an integral part of my life. I can't even imagine not painting now.”
Chuck is a plein-air landscape painter, mostly. This was Chuck's first gallery show, ever. Previously his works have been seen only at the Dorchester restaurant, 22 Boston Street . He's new and he is a great painter. Chuck has owned a travel agency in Quincy for over 14 year.

Dale Ratcliff

nationally acclaimed Cape Ann artist, came to South Street Gallery with 52 exquisite paintings. There was a painting demonstration followed by the opening of the exhibit on February 8, 2003 .  Dale Ratcliff's colorful paintings are characterized by lively brushwork and strong design. She especially enjoys the challenge of plein-air work, trying to catch the fleeting effects of light, shadow, form, and texture. Dale is a graduate of the University of Maine and returns to Maine frequently on painting trips. She belongs to several art organizations, she is a teacher of outdoor classes and workshops, and also demonstrates and judges for art groups.

Print Exhibition: Hingham Artist Jean Reardon

The fine art of printmaking is often misunderstood. A noteworthy print that appears straightforward to the untrained eye is actually the product of years of experience and training. Only at this level can the artist envision a final concept before execution and achieve a sophisticated technical execution that often involves multiple complex processes. 
Local artist Jean Reardon successfully mastered these techniques in print works created between 1940 and 2001, the year in which she died of complications from surgery. At “Larger than Life,” a retrospective of some of the finest examples of Reardon's prints opening October 25, 2002 at our Gallery, visitors experienced a visual burst of energy and technical mastery they won't soon forget.

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