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Our unique moulding collections are designed to complement the rooms you live in. It includes a wide range of frame styles and finishes from traditional to contemporary. So if you're framing an original oil painting, your favorite family portait or your child's first watercolor, your design possibilities are unlimited. We make custom frames that add artistry to art and warmth to living.Whether you're a homeowner or an interior designer, the home is your canvas and you are the artist. We can help you create a unique frame design that helps express your personality, style and creativity.

Decorating your home is about more than looking good, it's a celebration of who you are and how you live. Few things can change the look of a room as dramatically as a beautifully custom framed piece of art. Like art, the most beautiful frame is often inspired. A great frame does more than beautify the art it surrounds. It touches the entire room, adding elegance and personal style. Select the art, frame and mat combination that best suits your personal style. Visit our Gallery to see the full line of frames available that will complement your individual artwork or memorabilia. Our unique frames combine outstanding design and great quality and reflect our passion to bring you the finest custom frames.

As part of our custom picture framing service we now carry two unique premier moulding lines:
Firstly, it is 22-karat gold and 12-karat white gold leaf hand-made frames from Long Island, NY. Various designs are available, ornate frames are carved entirely by hand out of the finest kiln dried basswood, using the highest quality traditional materials and old world techniques by master craftsmen.
Secondly, it is premium hardwood frames from Boulder, Colorado, that combine superb finishes, precise dimensions, nearly warp-free lengths and impeccably mitered chops. All of these factors have made these elegant mouldings an excellent value. They are made using only renewable, North American hardwoods such as walnut, hard maple, cherry, white oak, and ash. They are finely-sanded and hand-finished to produce the finest, most consistent quality possible. The line also includes finishes that reflect the beauty of exotic woods such as padauk, purpleheart, and ebony, without the environmental consequences.

The turnaround time for custom framing orders is typically 7 days or less. But without a question we will try to accommodate your needs and can work with you to achieve what you wish.