Portrait Painting Demonstrations

in February 2007

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portrait painting demonstrations by South Shore artists

Everyone was encouraged to attend to have a chance to speak to the artists in person and watch them paint a live model. The exhibit features the newest works of these artists, mostly portraits, some landscapes and still-lives.

The schedule of the painting demonstrations was as follows:

* Saturday, February 3 , 1.30-4.30 pm - artists Eli Cedrone, Jeanne MacFarland and Tatiana Yanovskaya

* Saturday, February 10 , 1.30-4.30 pm artists Debbie Burnham, Eli Cedrone, Dianne Panarelli Miller and Tatiana Yanovskaya

* Friday, February 16 , 6-9 pm artists Margaret McWethy, Vcevy Strekalovsky and Tatiana Yanovskaya

* Friday, February 23 , 6-9 pm artists Karl Nestelberger, Diane Scott and Vcevy Strekalovsky


Eli Cedrone and Tatiana Yanovskaya painting

Jeanne MacFarland painting

Tatiana Yanovskaya, Dianne Panarelli Miller, Eli Cedrone and Debbie Burnham painting
Tatiana Yanovskaya painting a portrait of Nicole
Vcevy Strekalovsky and Margaret McWethy painting
Diane Scott, Karl Nestelberge and Vcevy Strekalovsky painting