Doug Andelin

"Painting is a place where I go to be small. To be an observer of forces much greater than myself & to be humbled by the experience of nature. I feel that nature is my greatest teacher. I ask questions about perception, time, space and myself as an artist. Standing there I strive to look outside my own answers & listen. I want to shed what I know & reach into the paint & grasp a new honesty. I am in a constant balancing act between searching & forgetting; asking & listening; consciousness & unconsciousness.
The process of my painting is simple & pure. I paint outside, directly from life. This is where the life of the painting begins. My inspiration is drawn from the changing forces of nature - fog, water, movement, weather. Painting directly in such demanding & chaotic conditions brings me to an exciting depth of place. My paintings carry this vitality as I am consumed by the changing light & the tumultuous relationship between man & nature.
Painting has a long history within my family, but I am more deeply rooted in the history of painting itself. The voices I hear are Turner, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Monet & Wyeth. I sometimes turn to my mentors for solace, fortitude & grace. Though I feast on the poetry of my heroes, I am beholden to the current state of our natural world. I wish to inspire the viewer to consider our actions on the earth & to value our role of stewardship."
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