Jan McElhinny

Jan is an oil painter living on the South Shore of Massachusetts. She paints to express her interpretation of what she finds intriguing in the world. Jan is primarily interested in portraying one fleeting idea; usually the light, space, or form in a situation that she finds instantly compelling. Abstracting even the most minute details leads to the elaborate interpretation of her surroundings.
Jan holds a BA in Psychology from Trinity College in Burlington, Vermont, and has studied painting with many different artists, including Margaret McWethy, Sue Charles, Kim Alemian, Jen Bradley, Diane Rappisi, Sherrie McGraw, Rob Liberace, Dan Thompson, George Nick, Catherine Kehoe, Jon Imber, Colin Page, Jordan Wolfson, Michael Klein, Peter Schroth, Ken Auster, Daniel Keyes, Michael Klein, and others. She has served as a teaching assistant to Margaret McWethy since 2011, and is on the Board of Advisors for the South Shore Art Center.
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