Kate Sotolova

Kate is an oil painter who specializes in small scale dog/pet portraits. Her paintings range in size from 8"x8" to 12"x16". Her paintings are realistic and detailed because she finds it important to capture the dog's likeness and personality. She works slowly and carefully to achieve the likeness as well as she can.
“In 2004, I took my first oil painting class at North River Arts Society in Marshfield, MA with Susan Lynch. The class concentrated on still-lifes and I loved it. During the following 8 years, I also studied oil painting with Sue Charles and Dianne Panarelli Miller at Dianne's studio, South Shore Arts Center in Cohasset, MA as well as North River Arts Society. My training expanded from still-lifes to figures and portraits using live models. And then, one day, a friend suggested I paint another friend's dog. And that was Thimba, my first dog portrait in November 2011. I must say that I've always felt a great connection with dogs in general. I've taken care of dogs for many friends when they go away. And I enjoyed so much having Otis - a boxer - beside me at work - here at South Street Gallery for ten years."
Gift Certificates are available, as well as limited edition signed prints are available.

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