Michael Weymouth

Michael Weymouth grew up in Maine and attended the New England School Art in Boston . In his last year in art school, Michael was considered one of Boston 's up and coming artists. However he chose the commercial creative route instead of pursuing a painting career, believing that he could paint on the sidelines. After graduating in 1963, he worked as an illustrator/designer for ten years. In 1973, he started Weymouth Design, specializing in annual report design. By then, he had become a proficient photographer and began shooting photos in earnest as part of the firm's services. In the ensuing years, Weymouth Design became one of the leading annual report design firms in the country due in no small part to his photography. Today he remains semi-active in the firm, but is able to devote much more time to painting oils and watercolors.
Mike is the author of three books: How Photography Can Make You a Better Painter, Maine (Island Time), The Gentle Whisper of Living Things.

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