Susan Kilmartin

An award-winning artist, Susan grew up all over the world – in Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, South Africa, India, Pakistan, following her father, an international mining engineer. After graduate work in art at the University of Maryland, she married Naval Academy graduate, Hugh Kilmartin, and continued moving around the country. Their daughter Liz was born in California. The Kilmartins finally settled permanently in New England. She has been a juried member of the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset for over 25 years, and was on the Board of Directors and Advisers there for over a decade. She is currently The Calligrapher for the Hingham Historical Society. In the last 10 years, Susan has taken up plein-air painting, enjoying the challenge of capturing fleeting changes in the light of the scenes she paints.
Susan’s first artwork were portrait pencil sketches of fellow students when she was 9 years old at boarding school in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1960 when her Dad had a uranium mine in the Grand Canyon, she would ride down inside the Canyon in an ore bucket and was fascinated with how the light danced on the rock walls. That was when she realized she would grow up to be an artist.
In 1987 Susan volunteered to paint sets for a play at a local high school. That experience changed her career from nearly exclusively portraits to murals. Murals by her can be found in Florida, California, Arizona, Maryland, New York and from Cape Cod to Boston in Massachusetts.
In March 1995, Susan brought to reality a mural of clouds, the rays of God’s light and angels to the Dacusville United Methodist Church, Dacusville, South Carolina given by Dr. and Mrs. Mitz M. Martin. Susan met Beth Martin when Beth contacted her to do a pen and ink drawing of her home, Wildwood. Susan’s original Christmas cards, often done with angels, inspired Beth to ask her to consider the mural for the church.
Susan’s painting of the S.S. Eisenhower hangs in the officer’s wardroom of the aircraft carrier itself. She painted a portrait of the Hon. Mary Ann Cohen, Chief Judge, United States Tax Court, Washington D.C.
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