Ted Gentry

Ted has said that art has always been a part of his life. A civil engineer by education, his electives while at Northeastern University included art appreciation and creative drawing classes and had the wonderful opportunity to have the Boston Museum of Fine Arts across Huntington Avenue and a regular part of the art curriculum. Ted also progressed through a portion of the Famous Artists School program while attending Northeastern.
Ted took up oil painting more seriously in 1994 and his work is influenced by the numerous classes and workshops he has taken with the likes of Charles Sovek, Kimberlee Alemian, Frank Strazzulla, Jr. and Margaret McWethy. He continues with workshops from Maine to Cape Cod . He has been fortunate to paint en plein air with the renowned Cape Ann painter and author Charles Movalli, Dale Radcliff and Stephan Pastuhov. Ted was invited by Charles Sovek to participate in an en plein air event in the spring of 2004 in Provincetown , Massachusetts that was filmed for a future PBS special on Plein Air Painting in America .
Ted's work is typically full of color and light. He enjoys painting a still life with a bit of whimsy and painting landscapes in the en plein air style. Ted's preferred medium is oil paint but has also worked in pen and ink, pastel and watercolor on occasion. Ted has enjoyed completing several commissioned pieces that the collector desired to maintain a connection to the emotion of a special place and/or event.
The Impressionists' style as well as the light-filled work of the Cape Ann artists are strong influences in Ted's work. He enjoys the camaraderie of painting with friends at New England 's evocative landscape settings at all times of the year. Ted has said that he can get lost for hours while trying to capture in two dimensions some of the fabulous three-dimensional vistas and scenes that we all carry fondly in our memories of our favorite places on the South Shore .
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