Tom Waters

Born in Plymouth Massachusetts in 1960, Tom Waters is an emerging artist working from his current home town of Essex Vermont. Art was always a part of his life, including painting lessons while in high school, art classes in college and private exploration. In his twenties and thirties his career involved technology management. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelors Degree majoring in Computer Science. Subsequently he worked in technology management for 15 years, and then returning to college to get his certificate in graphic design from Champlain College in 2000. The turn to graphic design in his forties was driven by the desire to engage in more artistic expression. Soon after turning 50 he made a serious commitment to fine art through painting. Primarily self-taught, Tom was influenced by a range of artists from the Impressionists, particularly Monet, to contemporaries like Andrew Orr, Mark Boedges, TM Nicholas and many others. He furthered his training by attending workshops by, or painting with, celebrated artists TM Nicholas, Mark Boedges, Andrew Orr, Carolyn Walton, Aline Ordman, and Becky Joy. He continues working with Andrew Orr for his ongoing artistic development.
Tom’s work has been displayed at area gallery shows, including at Bryan Memorial Gallery , Emile A. Gruppe Gallery, Visions of Vermont, The Lyme Art Association Gallery and Grand Isle Artworks; and includes acceptance into numerous juried shows. His work has also been included in many group exhibits throughout Vermont.  Tom’s work has garnered numerous awards including First Place and Best Of Show. Tom’s work has made its way into a number of private collections. Tom is a member of the Lyme Art Association, Essex Art League, Northern Vermont Art Association, and the Southern Vermont Art Center.
Tom is currently building his body of work while simultaneously taking private commissions.

“My art is about the expression of emotion. It is about touching people, creating something that brings the viewer to a place, real or imagined, of peace and tranquility, playfulness or curiosity. With each painting, I invite the viewer to step into the work and not just see, but experience the emotional motivation that lead me to paint that subject.
My goal when creating art is to entice the viewer to momentarily forget everyday stress and escape into this other world. I find it magical that a little pigment in oil on a flat surface can convey such a range of emotion and expression, and I continually push to discover and explore this means of expression.
Working primarily in oils, but also in acrylics, my technique is rooted in a love of impressionism and its exploration of color and light, with a strong leaning towards realism. I find the level of detail I put into a painting reflects my desire to capture what I see and feel, while keeping an impressionistic element that allows for emotional exploration and interpretation by the viewer. My brain turns the effect of light on objects and the landscape into emotional responses, intuitive and unconscious reactions. I hope to do the same through painting.
For inspiration I turn to the outdoor world around me. I love my home state of Vermont for its depth and diversity of seasons, weather, landscape, flora and fauna. It has become my primary muse. My paintings may capture a mood, or an interesting object, a pattern of shape and color. It may be the way light falls, shadows are cast, the landscape unfolds, or colors harmonize. I paint what moves me. While I strive to express the emotion that drew me to the subject, sharing it with the viewer, I also seek to allow room for them to experience their own reaction and interpretation.”

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