Art as Investment

LECTURE SERIES for art investors/collectors

Beginning and seasoned art collectors / investors are invited to the series of yearlong lectures. Our first lecture "The Beginning Collector / Collection Development" was held on Saturday, November 22, 2003. We talked about how to identify and choose what makes a good investment, what types of artwork are increasing in value, and how to successfully develop an art collection based on individuals taste or theme. This lecture was conducted at our Gallery by Hingham resident Arthur T. Garrity Jr., a professional auctioneer and fine art appraiser, know nationally for his historical art expertise and appraisal work.
The second lecture "Painting Restoration and Conservation" was led by Jim Roszel, Conservator at The Oil Painting Conservation Studio, and was held on Saturday, January 10, 2004. He explained the process of caring for art, and how to both preserve and restore oil paintings, including some do's and don'ts (don't leave artwork over heaters or in direct sunlight), as well as some tips on advanced art care and restoration (what to do with artwork where paint has flaked off or the painting has been stored in the attic).
The third lecture "What Makes a Good Painting" was held on Saturday, June 26, 2004, and was led by renowned artist Charles Movalli of Gloucester. He tied the techniques to the famous group of painters known as the “Old Cape Ann School ”, including Aldro Hibbard, Lester Stevens, Carl Peters and Emile Gruppe. Movalli used simple charcoal drawing to enhance his “chalk talk” format for showing visitors how they can incorporate the methods into their own work.
Proceeds from the lecture will be donated to the Hingham Cultural Council, an organization responsible for offering grants to artists and art organizations. The Hingham Cultural Council ( ) supports arts and artists in the community. There is no fee to attend these lectures, but individuals are urged to consider bringing a donation of at least $10 to support the work of the Hingham Cultural Council.